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The area of Bombay Presidency where Gandhi was born in 1869
His wife of 14, whom he married at the age of 13 in 1883
University where he studied law from 1888 to 1891
The year he discovered his mother had died
Where he travelled in 1893 in order to open his own law office
Movement he started in 1906, which protested the law that all Indians should be finger printed and should also carry an identification card
In 1915, he travelled back to India on the advice of his political guru, in order to discover the 'real' India. What was his idol's name?
After completing his tour, where did Gandhi choose to settle down, on the banks of the River Sabarmati?
What the poor farmers were growing when Gandhi started his first Satyagraha (a non-violent resistance) in Champaran
The year Gandhi called for a non-cooperation movement against the British rule in India
What the main outcome of this movement was
The year Gandhi was imprisoned for six years, but was released two years later due to his medical condition
What Gandhi focused on after his release from prison:
The year Gandhi started the historic Dandi March to break the law which stated that salt could not be made by Indians
The reason Gandhi was arrested upon arriving back in the UK in 1942
The year Gandhi was released from prison in the UK
The British Prime Minister that promised that self Government would soon be made available in India
The year India did eventually attain Independence
What did Gandhi Gandhi work relentlessly during, to promote the unity between the Hindus and the Muslims
What happened on the 30th January 1948
His last words were 'Hey Ram'. What does this mean?

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