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Can you name the predicted & scheduled events for the year 2011?

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Which European country is adopting the Euro?January 1st
What will be visible over most of Europe and some of the Arabian Peninsula?January 4th
Which animal will 2011 be, according to the Chinese New Year?February 3rd
What will be held in India, Sri Lanka & BangladeshFebruary 19th - 2nd April
Which planet is NASA's Messenger spacecraft due to orbit?March 18th
What is special about this date in the Hindu CalendarMarch 20th
What is special about this day in the Christian CalendarApril 24th
Which wedding will take place in Westminster Abbey?April 29th
What will be visible in Africa, India, and the Middle East?June 15th
Which planet will complete it's first orbit since its discovery in 1846July 10th
What is special about this date in the Islamic Calendar?August 1st
Which country will hold the Rugby World Cup?September 9th - October 23rd
What is special about this date in the Hindu Calendar?October 26th
What is special about this date in the Islamic Calendar?November 26th
Which country's troops are scheduled to leave Iraq on this date?December 31st

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