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Ex cp
She always had to win at every thing especially things against her sister
Emily's boyfriend
Spencer's Sister
Alison and Jason's mother
A Swim coach rosewood high
English teacher
Works at the brew
Ezra's brother
Turns the radley into a bar
Ezra's ex Girlfriend
hannas ex boyfriend
Jasons dad
School nerd
was engaged to Ella Montgomery
Melissa fiance
Had a relationship with her English teacher
Worked at Radley
Aria's ex
Was engaged to Toby
Emily's longest relationship
Fraud doctor
Cheated on his wife with his neighbour
police officer
Principal of Rosewood High
She went missing in season 1
The person Byron had a relationship with while married to Ella
Ex cook at the brew
Hanna's fiancé in the time jump
Hanna's Best friend (mainly season 1 )
Aria's friend who help her see Ezra
was killed at Ezra's theatre
Alison ex Boyfriend(cop)
Aria's little brother
Had a son who was thought to be Ezra's
Mona's friend when she was dead
Emily's girlfriend
Blinded by a smoke bomb
Isobel's Daughter
Aria's Boyfriend in the time jump
Alisons cousin
Maya's cousin
the cop that slept Ashley Marin
Cheated on his wife with a student
Alison and Spencer's brother
Spencer's first boyfriend
Computer Hacker
was found in the dollhouse
Hannas dad
Prom King
The person who vandalised hollis
Kickboxing teacher
Spencer's Biological mother
Had a Car Driven through her living room window
Got engaged to Yvonne
Tom Marin's second wife
Emily's dad
The person Ezra wrote about and Emily's friend
Police officer who was with Jenna Marshall
She worked at he daughters school
Spencer's drug counsellor
Was friends with Charles
Emily's second girlfriend

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