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Call the Midwife are the memoirs of who?
It is set in which decade?
Name of the house where the midwives and nuns live.
Name of caretaker
Which city is it set in?
Occupation of Chummy's husband
Nun who often has something poignant to say.
Name of actress who plays Sister Julienne
Nurse Trixie's full name.
What classes does Nurse Cynthia run in Series 3?
What is the name of the Doctor?
Sister Bernadette's name once she leaves the convent
What is the nuns and midwives main form of transport?
Which animal does Chummy have to deliver before she is due to go on a date?
Where do Chummy's parents live?
Which actress narrates the series?
Which member of the royal family visits Poplar?
Nurse Jenny's love interest in series 1/2
Actress that plays Sister Evangelina
Composer of original soundtrack

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