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abducts femur, hip flexionilium/tibia
adducts armsribs,clavicle,sternum/ humerus
knee extensionfemur/patella, tibia
wrist flexionhumerus/pisiform, hamate
flexion/rotation of lumbar spineribs, lumbar vertebrae/linea albe, pubis
compress/support abdominal visceralumbar vertebrae/linea alba
hip flexion, knee extensionilium/patella
adducts femurpubis/femur
hallux (big toe) flexioncuboid/proximal phalanx
hip flexionlumbar vertebrae/ femur
hip extension, knee flexionischium, femur/tibia
hip flexionilium/femur
wrist extensionhumerus/carpals
adducts pollux (thumb)3rd metacarpal/ 1st metacarpal
hip flexion, abducts femurilium/femur
flexion of lumbar spinepubis/costal cartilage, sternum, xiphoid
eversion of foot, plantar flexionfibula/ 5th metatarsal
eversion of foot, plantar flexionfibula/medial cuneiform, 1st metatarsal
hip extension, knee flexionischium/tibia
adducts femurpubis/tibia
chewing muscletemporal,zygomatic/ mandible
abducts pollux (thumb)radius, ulna/ metacarpals, pollux
adducts femurpubis/femur
elbow flexionhumerus/ulna
wrist flexionhumerus/metacarpals 2,3
hip extensionsacrum, coccyx, ilium/femur
pronates manushumerus/radius
abducts pinkie toecalcaneus/ proximal phalanx
knee extensionfemur/patella
elevate ribs, expand thoracic regioninferior rib/superior rib(next higher)
finger extensionhumerus/ phalanges 2,3,4
initiates abduction of armscapula/humerus
pinkie extensionulna/ digit 5
pinkie flexioncarpals/ proximal phalanx
pollux (thumb) extensionulna/ distal pollux phalanx
flexion/extension of shoulder, abducts armclavicle, scapular spine/humerus
lateral rotation of humerusscapula/humerus
dorsi flexiontibia/ medial cuneiform
hip extension, knee flexionischium/tibia
lateral rotation of humerusscapula/humerus
abducts pollux (thumb)carpals/1st metacarpal
medial rotation of humerusscapula/humerus
flexion/rotation of lumbar spineilium, lumbar vertebrae/ linea alba
abducts pinkiepisiform/ 1st phalanx
adducts femurpubis, ischium/femur
elevation/retraction of scapulathoracic vertebrae/scapula
shoulder flexionscapula/humerus
flexion of digits 2,3,4calcaneus/ digits 2,3,4
wrist extensionhumerus/carpals
wrist flexionhumerus/metacarpals 2,3,4,5
phalange extensiontibia/phalanges 2-5
elevates scapulacervical vertebrae/scapula
wrist extensionhumerus/carpals
weak elbow flexionhumerus/radius
knee extensionfemur/patella, tibia
elevation/retraction of scapulacervical spine/scapula
elbow extensionhumerus, scapula/ulna
hip flexion, lateral rotation of legIlium/tibia
phalange extensioncalcaneus/ phalanges 1-4
abducts hallux (big toe)calcaneus/ hallux
elbow flexionscapula/radius
elevation/depression/retraction of scapulaoccipital, cervical, thoracic vert/ scapula
flexes neck, rotates headsternum,clavicle/ mastoid process
chewing musclefrontal,temporal,parietal/ mandible
pollux (thumb) extensionulna/pollux
protraction of scapularibs 3,4,5/ coracoid process
adducts/retracts arm from protracted pos.lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, iliac crest/humerus
protraction of scapularibs/ scapula
extension of spine (arch back)lumbar/thoracic vertebrae
adducts femurpubs/femur
pollux flexionmetacarpal 3/ base of proximal phalanx
plantar flexiontibia, fibula/ calcaneus
plantar flexion, weak knee flexionfemur/calcaneus
medial rot., retraction, adducts armscapula/humerus
adducts pinkie4th metacarpal/metacarpal of pinkie
extension of spine (arch back)ilium, sacrum/ ribs

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