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Can you name the best horror movies ever made?

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Alfred Hitchcock1960
Stanley Kubrick1980
William Friedkin1973
Roman Polanski1968
George A. Romero1968
Edgar Wright2004
Tobe Hooper2003
Roy Ward Baker1972
Bernard Rose1992
Sam Raimi1981
Wes Craven1984
Tobe Hooper1982
John Erick Dowdle2010
Oren Peli2007
Tommy Lee Wallace1990
John Carpenter1978
Marcus Nispel2009
John Moore2006
Tom Holland1988
Frank Darabont2007
Clive Barker1987
Zack Snyder2004
Christophe Gans2006
Gore Verbinski2002
Mikael Håfström2007
Ridley Scott1979
Robin Hardy1973
Bill Paxton2001
Jonathan Demme1991
Alex Turner2004
James Wan2004
Eli Roth2005
Danny Boyle2002
John Landis1981
Ryûhei Kitamura2008
James Cameron1986
Rob Zombie2005
David Slade2007
Steven Spielberg1975
Wes Craven1996

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