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Can you name the Superbosses in the Land of the Edge of the World?

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9.8 MillionBack Forest-Dwarf Island
9.9 MillionCloud Forest-Up the Beanstalk
12 MillionSheldon Fields
6.3 MillionSandstorm Beach-Birkville Island
10.7 MillionShenend Hill-Birkville Island
21.4 MillionWimbledon Tennis Courts-Up the Beanstalk
14.8 MillionHanging Gardens of Babylon
9 MillionPot of Gold over the Rainbow
15.8 MillionAfrica
7.5 MillionThe Forbidden City-Chinatown
12.4 MillionSouthern Ocean
94.7 MillionAbandoned Ship
133.4 MillionIn the Sky
?-47.3 Million, ?-42.1 MillionThe Great Fields
88.6 MillionThundaria
20.6 MillionArea 51
10.9 MillionDesert of Egypt
?-9.2 Million, ?-4.1 Million (Each)The Great Pyramid-Desert of Egypt
9.5 Million (Each)Northern Ocean
4.7 MillionNorthern Ocean
6 MillionKelgmus Calipsius' Shack
16.6 MillionNorthern Ocean
9.6 MillionNorthern Ocean
12.6 MillionShenend Hill-Birkville Island
13.3 MillionForest of Evil
100.6 MillionHell
99.8 MillionTorn Volcanic Valley-Main Island
18.5 MillionMonster Jungle-Main Island
73.3 MillionDinosaur Island
26.9 MillionUnderground Labyrinth-Main Island
23.1 MillionRealm of the Dragon Knights-Main Island
16.3 MillionIce Land-Main Island
36.6 MillionIce Land-Main Island
8.4 MillionTorn Volcanic Valley-Main Island
39.9 MillionSouthern Ocean Rapids
3.8 Million (Each)Planet Salgol-In Space
8.9 MillionIn Space
69 MillionIn Space
5.5 MillionBirkville Town-Birkville Island
11.7 MillionSouthern Ocean
19.3 MillionRollercoaster Keep
46.6 MillionForgotten Castle
28.9 MillionBermuda Triangle
44.9 MillionMicronesian Islands
4.2 MillionMicronesian Islands
6.6 Million (Each)Alcauld Plains-Spira
9.4 MillionPark-Spira
24.2 MillionThe Dead Sea
8.8 MillionThe Dead Sea
8.7 MillionThe Dead Sea
27.9 MillionMayan Lands
10.2 MillionOcean Temple
11.9 MillionGolf Course
8.2 MillionAngkor Wat
7.7 MillionMonster Jungle-Main Island
10.1 MillionCornblane Farm
58.4 MillionThe Spiritwood
5.9 Million (Each)The Spiritwood
17.3 MillionSacred Cave-Island Closest to Hell
14.5 MillionMain Island Forest-Main Island

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