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Can you name the SNES Grab Bag?

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Super Mario Kart Tracks
Sunset Riders Bosses
Donkey Kong Country 2 Animal Buddies
Donkey Kong Country 3 Worlds
Killer Instinct Fighters
Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars Towns
Super Bomberman 3 Levels
Final Fantasy 6 Party Characters
Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons Tracks
Megaman 7 Enemy Weapons
Mario Is Missing Cities
Super Punch Out Circuits
E.V.O Search for Eden Evolution Transformations
Death & Return of Superman Types of Superman
Secret of Evermore Alchemy Ingredients
Illusion of Time Neil's Inventions
Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past Dungeons
Secret of Mana Mana Seeds
Biker Mice From Mars Characters
Donkey Kong Country Enemies
Lemmings 2 Tribes Lemming Tribes
Street Racer Characters
Soul Blazer Bosses
Pocky & Rocky 2 Partners

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