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Mario's Most Famous Game
Above Sequel
Above Sequel
Donkey Kong's Son
Pit the Young Angel Warrior With Wings & a Bow
Samus Aran
Blue Hero vs Dr Wily Number-4
Shooting Ducks & Targets
Mario & Luigi Clean out the Sewers
Climbing an Ice Mountain
NES's answer to Outrun
Motocross Game
Very Early American Football Game
Puzzle Game with Yoshi & Food
Help the Sleeping Professor with R.O.B
Light Gun Game with Mr Stevenson
Take Down Bad Guys with the Zapper in the Wild West
Pinball with Mario
Futuristic Bike Racer
Link's first Adventure
Second Journey in Hyrule
RPG third in the Series fighting the Evil Baramos
The First of the Dragon RPG's
RPG the Wanderer fights to protect the Elves & Dwarves from the Evil One
RPG with Mike Jones going up against Zoda
Green Hare Hero battles the Toad Empire
Stanley has to Protect his Flowers from Donkey Kong
Mario Destroying Blocks
Mario playing Golf
Uncover all the Golden Ingots as Bubbles the Fish in this Arcade Maze Game
Light Gun Shooter in Buildings & Construction Sites
Beat em up in the Streets, Urban Style
1985 Racquet Sports
Firebrand the Gargoyle
Third In the Bubble Bobble Series
Isometric Racer
Search the House talking to people & finding items
Original Famous Puzzle Game
Nintendo Soccer Game
Starring Gizmo
Soldier with a Cyber Arm
Control SOPHIA & Jason in this Run & Gun Platformer
A Remake of the American Civil War
Boat Racer/Shooter take on a Serpent
Simon Belmont
Prequel to SNES's Equinox
Shooter, Like Gradius & R-Type
Boxing with Mike Tyson
Lolo Goes from Room to Room
Warner Bros Famous Rabbit's Birthday
Drake Mallard
Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey & Louie
Scrooge McDuck Is Back
Chipmunks to the Rescue
Gotham City
Ice Hockey
Raphael, Donnatello, Leonardo & Michelangelo
A Boy's Dream
Side Scrolling Shooter Like E-Swat
A Snake who Rolls
A Boy & His Blob in Trouble

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