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ClueGameYear Released
Lara Croft Returns2016
Another Adventure for Nate2016
A New World awakens to the Domination of Machines2017
The Boy & Trico2016
Survive In a Land filled With Dinosaurs2017
Going Back to the Stone Age, with Takkar in the Land of Oros2016
Free Kyrat from the Tyrannical Pagan Min2014
Assassin goes to Ancient Egypt2017
Ryder Ventures through the Heleus Cluster2017
The Ghosts try to Bring down Santa Blanca2017
Citrons, Roses, Pirates & Super Brainz2016
Peashooters, Chompers, All Stars & Engineers2014
The Helghast2013
Pilot a Titan as Cooper2016
COD Goes back to Its Roots2017
COD in 2065, 40 years after the Events of the Last Game2015
COD with Exo Survival & Exo Zombies2014
Humans & Zombies Team Up2017
Ethan Enters the Horror of the Baker Family House2017
Sebastian Castellanos goes through a Horrid World of Nightmares to face Ruvik2014
Sebastian tries to Rescue His Daughter Lily2017
Kyle Crane infiltrates the Quarantine Zone in the City of Herran2015
8 Friends stay at a Lodge, & Embark on a Night of Horror2015
Play as the Hunter, Similar to Dark Souls/Demons Souls2015
Ashen One goes on a Journey to Link the First Flame2016
Open World Adventure based on The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings2014
As the Inquisitor Journey to Close a Mysterious Tear Known as the Breach2014
Remake of the Gothic Horror Point n Click Adventure2017
Knights of the Round Table in Alternate London2015
Blazkowicz takes on the Nazis in America2017
ClueGameYear Released
Blazkowicz takes on the Nazis & Zombies?2015
Online with Knights, Vikings & Samurai2017
Geralt of Rivia searches for His Daughter who is on the Run2015
Of the Dragon Quest Series2015
Noctis, Gladio, Ignis & Prompto2016
Point n Click from Revolution2015
Nordic Adventure with Otto & a Troll2017
2nd RPG Adventure for Stan, Kyle, Cartman & Kenny2017
Lego Around the World2017
Lego With Ninjas2017
Lego in Gotham2014
Lego Sequel with Ironman, Hulk & Spiderman2017
Lego with Dinosaurs2015
Sackboy Returns2014
Winter Sports2016
Lombax & His Companion2016
The Family Golf Game is Back2017
Codemasters Racer with Tiny Cars2017
Heihachi vs Kazuya2017
Sonic's 25th Year Anniversary2017
Sonic & Co are Back in a Brand New Adventure2017
Online from Makers of Borderlands2016
The Bat2015
Explore the Space Station Talos 12017
Delsin Rowe the Conduit2014
Aidan Pearce the Hacker2014
Spiritual Successor to Road Rash2017
Online with Characters inc Tracer, Reaper & Soldier 762016

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