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Can you name My Game Boy Collection?

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Mario Side Scroller
Mario goes after Wario
Famous Puzzler
Famous Puzzler Sequel
Shooter Based on Arnie Film
Game of the Dinosaur Movie
Reboot of Arcade 1970's classic
American Sport Game with Bat
Puzzler where u can hatch Yoshi's
Mario chases Donkey Kong through Big City, Ship, Desert, Airplane & Tower
Squaresoft RPG/Famous Series
Avoid the Boulders
Master Higgins against Aliens
Link wakes up on Koholint Island & attempts to Wake up the Wind Fish
Bomberman style Game starring Wario & Bomberman
Samus Aran on Planet SR388
Wario takes the Lead in the 3rd of the Series
Adventure with Donkey & Diddy Kong
More Kong Fun with Diddy & Dixie
Even More Kong Fun with Dixie & Kiddy
Pink Puff Ball against King with Hammer
Pink Puff Ball goes against a more Sinister foe & to find the Rainbow Drops
Pink Puff Ball plays Pinball
Pinl Puff is Clearing Blocks
Capcom Blue Clad Hero's Revenge
Wario takes Revenge on the Genie
Mario as an Explorer who solves Riddles
Mario as the Dr
Sports Game with Mario
Toads go to Battle

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