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Can you name the Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask-Grab Bag?

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Imp with the Evil Mask 
The Main Evil 
Female Fairy 
Male Fairy 
Sells Masks 
Advice Giving Owl 
Free them in the Temples 
Works at the Stock Pot Inn 
The Above's Grandmother 
Turned into a Boy, Has Disappeared 
Delivers Letters 
Mayor of Clock Town 
Mayor's Wife 
Plays the Song of Storms on His Music Box 
Lead Clock Town Soldier 
Lead Clock Town Worker 
Runs a Banking Service 
Dancing Twins 
Leader of the Travelling Troupe 
Manager of the Indigo Go's 
Loved up Couple who Run a Bomb Mini Game in Clock Town 
Bartender in the Milk Bar 
Owns the Bomb Shop 
Thinks He's the Reincarnation of a Fairy, Also sells Maps 
Young Girl Lives at Romani Ranch 
Manager of Romani Ranch 
Cucco Breeder 
Runs the Doggytrack Racing Course 
King of Deku's 
Daughter of King of Deku's 
Deku Servant who gives the Mask of Scents 
Witches Who were Bosses in Ocarina of Time 
Animal Captured by the Deku 
Sells Magic Beans 
Goron Hero who Died 
Guitarist of the Indigo Go's who also Died 
Female Lead Singer of the Indigo Go's 
Pianist of the Indigo Go's 
Bassist of the Indigo Go's 
Drummer of the Indigo Go's 
Blacksmiths of Mountain Village 
Suspicious Brothers Live on Milk Road 
Invisible Soldier 
Ghost Dancer 
Daughter of Music Box House Researcher 
Looks after the Zora Eggs you Bring Him 
They Bestow Powers to you in their Fountains 
King of Ikana Kingdom 
Leader of the Bombers 
Group of Boys who are the Secret Society of Justice 
Crying Son of the Head Goron 
Leader of the Gorons 
Leader of the Gerudo Pirates 
Captain of the Stalchilds also a Mini Boss 
Royal Composer Brothers of Ikana 
Boys on the Moon 
Loves to Dance & Sing, Can be Summoned through a Random Song 
Takes you to Great Bay Temple 
Race them Underwater to Obtain a Bottle 
Massive Goron Blows Wind at Snowhead 
Mysterious Ghost Fox 
Mini Bosses
Things to Put in Bottles
Dungeon Items

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