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Can you name the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Grab Bag?

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Main Treasures
Great Deku Tree 
Dodongo's Cavern 
Jabu Jabu's Belly 
Forest Temple 
Fire Temple 
Ice Cavern 
Water Temple 
Bottom of the Well 
Shadow Temple 
Spirit Temple 
Spirit Temple 
Ganon's Castle 
Many Places 
Various Places 
Many Places-Night & Day 
The Lost Woods 
The Lost Woods 
Kokiri Forest 
Hyrule Field 
Kakariko Village 
Lake Hylia 
Lon Lon Ranch 
Hyrule Field 
Dampe's Tomb-Graveyard 
Lake Hylia 
Gerudo Training Grounds-Gerudo Fortress 
Chamber of the Sages 
Zora's River 
Hyrule Castle Grounds 
Zora's Fountain 
Desert Colossus 
Kokiri Forest 
Temple of Time 
Goron City 
Death Mountain 
Kokiri Forest 
Hyrule Town 
Start the Game With It 
Goron City 
Zora's Domain 
Zora's Domain 
Fishing Pond (Adult) 
Start the Game With Them 
Goron City 
Hyrule Town-Bombchu Bowling 
Goron City 
Kakariko Village-Shooting Gallery 
Lon Lon Ranch sent to Kokiri Forest 
Kakariko Village-House of Skulltula 
Gerudo Fortress 
Hyrule Town Market 
Death Mountain Crater 
Ganon's Castle Grounds 
Death Mountain 
Main Character 
Main Antagonist 
Sage of Light 
Sage of Shadow 
Sage of Spirit 
Sage of Forest 
Sage of Water 
Sage of Fire 
Princess' Alter Ego 
Forest Deity 
Water Deity 
Desert Deity 
Lon Lon Ranch 
Lon Lon Ranch 
Lon Lon Ranch 
Kokiri Forest 
Running on Hyrule Field 
Giant Goron 
Zora Leader 
Sells Magic Beans 
The Scarecrows 
The Owl 
Lives in House in Hylia Lake 
Kakariko Village 
Mysterious Shop in Kakariko Village 
Repair Kakariko Village & Kidnapped in Gerudo Fortress 
Lost Woods 
Gives you special powers in their Fountains 
Goron City gives you the Giant's Knife 
Hyrule Town Market sells Masks 
Hyrule Castle 
Things to Put in Bottles
You Can catch around Hyrule Field to sell in the Ghost Shop 
You Can catch in Holes in the Ground on Hyrule Field 
You Can get in the Ice Cavern 
You Can get in Shops 
You Can get in Shops 
You Can get in Shops 
You Can catch in Random Places & in Shops 
You Can get in Shops 
You Can get in Lon Lon Ranch 
Learned in Kakariko Village 
Learned in Hyrule Castle 
Learned in Hyrule Castle 
Learned in Graveyard 
Learned in Sacred Forest Meadow 
Learned in Lon Lon Ranch 
Learned in Temple of Time 
Learned in Sacred Forest Meadow 
Learned in Death Mountain Crater 
Learned in Ice Cavern 
Learned in Kakariko Village 
Learned in Desert Colossus 
Learned in Hylia Lake 
Fought in the Deku Tree 
Fought in Dodongo's Cavern 
Fought in Jabu Jabu's Belly 
Fought in the Forest Temple 
Fought in the Fire Temple 
Fought in the Water Temple 
Fought in the Shadow Temple 
Fought in the Spirit Temple 
Fought in Ganon's Castle 
Fought in Ganon's Castle Grounds 
Spiritual Stones

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