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When people take one side or another because of where they stand on a specific position.
This is when people take one side or another because of how they view the running candidates.
This was made by Progressives, and candidates were organized by the office they were running for. This made it harder to have straight voting, and more difficult to simply vote for
When individuals give large sums of money to a campaign, as long as long as it is not used towards the candidate specifically.
People believed that elections didn't do much because public opinion and political parties enter a phrase of consolidation and continuity between periods of rapid change.
This was a more conservative Congress because it was led by Reagan. He made cuts on money and extra programs to reduce spending.
Caused paralleled realignments in public policies.
limited by Bipartisan Act of 2002. Basically, if it is not in direct support of a candidate, people can spend as much money as they want on campaigns to support a specific party or
These have changed significantly over the years, but as of right now, this is where some people stand. Northern whites, African Americans, Jews, and Hispanics tend to vote Democrat
Paid commercial advertisements that get issues across. Less favored by the public because they are more informative.
These are the various identifiable groups in the population that supported the Democratic or Republican candidate for president. For example, African Americans tend to consistently
A party organization that recruits its members by giving out incentives such as money, political jobs, or opportunities in government and it is characterized by a high degree of le
A party that values principle standards above everything else.
A local or state political party that is largely staffed and funded by another organization with established networks in the community. An example is the Democratic party in Detroi
Social rewards that led people to join local or state political organizations. People who find politics fun and want to meet others who share their interests are said to respond to
An electoral system with two dominant parties that compete in state or national elections. Usually, third parties have little chance of winning.
opposed to the heavy emphasis on patronage. They disliked the party machinery, because it permitted only bland candidates to rise to the top. Also they were fearful of the heavy in
Voting for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election.
Party leaders and elected officials who become delegates to the national convention without having to run in primaries or caucuses. Part rules determine the percentage of delegate
Professional politicians; aka the old guard. Wanted to build up party machines, develop party loyalty, and dispense patronage.
Meeting of party followers in which party delegates are selected. Only the most devoted partisans attend the caucuses of their respective parties.
A party separate from the traditional two parties, thus nicknamed “third parties”. Are inevitable in the American party system, and can be categorized into one of the following
This made it illegal for fed. civil employees to actively participate in partisan politics because they're meant to be disinterested. Also decreased as voters became smarter and le
Stating a position on a specific legislative proposal to the public, then asking the public to urge their legislator to support that stated position
An organization of workers who band together to acheive common goals
Where 1/3 of public interest lobbying groups receive half or more of their funds
Money or things given to a person to join a mass organization
A signal telling the official what values are at stake in an issue
Parties that are created by a split in a major party, usually over the identity and philosophy of the major party's presidential candidate.
Parties, usually based in a particular region, especially involving farmers, that protest against the depressed economic conditions. These tend to disappear as a conditions improve

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