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Can you name the Pro Wrestlers by their nicknames (Mega Sized Edition)?

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WWEPearl River Powerhouse
WWEThe African Dream
WWEThe Clown Prince of Hardcore
WWEThe Essence of Excellence
WWEThe Portuguese Man O'War/incredible
WWEEighth Wonder of the World
WWEThe Beast from the East
WWEThe Animal
WWEThe Glamazon
WWE'Bad *ss'...
WWEThe Brain
WWEThe Hitman
WWEThe Loose Cannon
WWEThe Next Big Thing
WWEThe Funkasaurus
WWEThe Living Legend (Former WWE Champion)
WWEThe Barber
WWECaribbean Bad Apple
WWERabid Wolverine
WWEAyatollah of Rock and Rolla
WWEThe Masterpiece
WWEThe Instant Classic
WWENinth Wonder of the World
WWEVoice of the Voiceless
WWEThe Self-Professed Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses
WWECanada's Strongest Man
WWEThe Show Off
WWE'The Magnificent'...
WWEThe Chosen One
WWELatino Heat
WWERated R Superstar
WWEBig Cat
WWEBelfast Bruiser
WWEThe Animal (Hall of Famer)
WWEThe Bizarre One
WWEThe Hammer
WWEAlabama Slamma
WWEThe One Man Band
WWEThe Immortal
WWEPolish Power
WWEThe All-American American
WWEThe Snake
WWEThe Redneck Messiah
WWEThe King
WWEThe Body
WWEThe Anvil
WWEMouth of the South
WWEThe Punjabi Nightmare
WWEDoctor of Thuganomics
WWEPrince of Parkour
WWEThe Supreme Fighting Machine
WWEThe Ugandan Giant
WWEBig Red Machine
WWEThe Olympian
WWEWorld's Most Dangerous Man
WWEThe Birdman
WWEThe Genius
WWEThe Extreme Diva
WWEHelsinki Hellraiser
WWE'Marvelous' ...
WWEWorld's Strongest Man
WWEVersion 1
WWEPaparazzi Princess
WWEKing of the Death Match
WWEBallin' Superstar
WWEThe Russian Giant
WWEThe Rocket
WWEPretty Boy
WWEMr Wonderful
WWEHigh Chief
WWEThe Viper
WWEMacho Man
WWEThe Bad Guy
WWEHuman Highlight Reel
WWEThe Model
WWEHot Rod
WWEThe Heartbreak Kid
WWECeltic Warrior
WWEThe Gold Standard
WWEThe Master and Ruler of the World
WWETexas Rattlesnake
WWEThe Lethal Weapon
WWEJapanese Buzzsaw
WWEMillion Dollar Man
WWEHorny Little She-Devil
WWEWorld's Largest Athlete
WWEPunjabi Playboy
WWEThe Great One
WWEThe Phenom
WWEThe Game
WWESamoan Bulldozer
WWEThe Mastadon
WWEThe Big Valbowski
WWEThe Cougar
WWEThe Genetic Jackhammer
WWEWorld's Largest Love Machine
WWEMoscow Mauler
WWEThe Bare Knuckle Brawler
WWEReal Man's Man
WWEThe Rising Sun
WWELong Island Loudmouth
ECWMr No Gimmicks Needed
ECWThe New F'n Show
ECWThe Perfect Storm
ECW The Gladiator
ECWThe Unholy Alter Boy
ECWOriginal Gangsta
ECWThe Mad Scientist of ECW
ECWThe War Machine
ECWHomicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death Defying Maniac
ECWThe Franchise
ECWKing of Old School
ECWInsane Luchador
ECWHuman Suplex Machine
ECWInnovator of Violence
ROHAmerican Dragon
ROHSwiss Superman
ROHAmerican Wolf
ROHDie Hard
ROHThe Generic Luchador
ROHThe Notorious 187
ROHThe Zombie Princess
ROHWrestling's Worst Nightmare
ROHThe World Warrior
ROHMaster of the Backbreaker
TNAThe Monster
TNAThe Phenomenal
TNAThe Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
TNAThe Leader of the Selfish Generation
TNAThe Fallen Angel
TNAThe Pope
TNAMexican Superman
TNATennessee Cowboy
TNABlack Machismo
TNAThe Charismatic Enigma
TNAKing of the Mountain
TNAThe Future
TNAOlympic Hero
TNAThe Blueprint
TNAThe Alpha Male
TNAHead *sshole in Charge
TNACanadian Destroyer
TNAMr Monday Night
TNAThe Truth
TNASamoan Submission Machine
TNAPrince of Punk
TNAThe Icon
TNAThe Problem Solver
WCWThe Enforcer
WCWThe Lone Wolf
WCWMaster of the Shooting Star Press
WCWBuff Daddy
WCWThe Iceman
WCWThe People's Champion
WCWThe Cat
WCWHot Stuff
WCW The Pearl of the Orient
WCW The Juice
WCW Innovator of Offense
WCW Big Sexy
WCW The Taskmaster
WCWChairman of WCW
WCW The Total Package
WCW P.S. (Purely Sexy)
WCW Russian Nightmare
WCW The Dirtiest Player in the Game
WCW Dog Faced Gremlin
WCW The All-American
WCW Big Poppa Pump
WCW Doctor Death
WCWBam Bam
WCWThe Z-Man
NWA/TerritoriesThe Madman from the Sudan
NWA/TerritoriesThe Universal Heart Throb
NWA/TerritoriesThe Bullet
NWA/TerritoriesThe Yellow Star of Texas
NWA/TerritoriesCaptain Redneck
NWA/TerritoriesThe Rebel
NWA/TerritoriesAmerican Dream
NWA/TerritoriesThe Russian Bear
NWA/TerritoriesThe Boogy Woogey Man
NWA/TerritoriesThe Modern Day Warrior
NWA/TerritoriesThe Golden Warrior
NWA/TerritoriesAmerica's Heart Throb
NWA/TerritoriesRaging Bull
NWA/TerritoriesMad Dog
NWA/TerritoriesThe World's Smartest Wrestler
NWA/TerritoriesThe Crippler
NWA/TerritoriesHands of Stone
NWA/TerritoriesThe Lariat
NWA/TerritoriesThe Funker
NWA/TerritoriesThe Super Brat

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