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Can you name the the wrestler to their signature moves?

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Forced Order
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Signature MovesName
Rope Assisted DDT, Spinebuster, Snap Powerslam, Thesz Press
Knee Facebuster, Spinebuster, Neckbreaker, Figure 4 Leg Lock
Diving Elbow Drop, Diving Moonsault to Standing Opponent, Figure 4 Leg Lock, Slingshot Crossbody
Thesz Press, Spinebuster, Cobra Clutch, Stungun
Old School, Big Boot, Running DDT, Snake Eyes
Sharpshooter, Float-Over DDT, Samoan Drop, Spinebuster
Pendulum Backbreaker, Bulldog, Ringpost Assisted Figure 4 Leg Lock, Russian Legsweep
Belly to Belly Suplex, Diving Moonsault, Rolling German Suplexes, Body Scissors
Two Handed Chokelift, Big Boot, Sidewalk Slam, Scoop Powerslam
Diving Leg Drop Bulldog, Fisherman Suplex, Spin Out Powerbomb, Fist Drop
Bulldog, Roundhouse Kick, Diving Elbow Drop, Springboard Clothesline
Double Underhook Backbreaker, Leg Feed Enziguiri, Diving European Uppercut, One Handed Bulldog
Half Nelson Bulldog, Missile Dropkick, Flapjack
Leaping Elbow Drop, Superkick, Leg Drop Bulldog, Corner Splash
Corner Splash, Military Press Slam, One Handed Bulldog, Diving DDT
Northern Lights Suplex, Rolling German Suplexes, Snap Suplex, Sharpshooter
Monkey Flip to a Cornered Opponent, Corkscrew Leg Drop, Standing Moonsault, Diving Superkick
Jumping Calf Kick, Missile Dropkick, Somersault Leg Drop, Super Kick
Signature MovesName
Tornado DDT, Flapjack, Diving Reverse Elbow, Pendulum Overhead Kick
Three Amigos, Brainbuster, Plancha, Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker
Step Up Enziguiri, Double Knee Armbreaker, Single Arm DDT, German Suplex
Repeating Powerbombs, Belly to Belly Suplex, Rib Breaker, Kimura Lock
Sitout Jawbreaker, Corkscrew Senton to Standing Opponent, Baseball Slide, Double Leg Drop to an Opponent's Midsection
Diving Moonsault, Bulldog, Alabama Slam, Inverted Suplex Slam
Knife Edge Chops, Delayed Vertical Suplex, Chop Block, Knee Drop
Running Neckbreaker, Pulling Piledriver, Diving Elbow Drop from the Apron, Cactus Clothesline
Fallaway Slam, Bulldog, Chokeslam, Belly to Back Suplex from the Second Rope
Big Boot, Sidewalk Slam, Snake Eyes, Chokeslam
Irish Curse, Double Axe Handle, Fallaway Slam, Repeated Forearm Clubs
Stylin DDT, Pele Kick, Shooting Styles Press
Bulldog, Sleeperhold, Scissors Legsweep into Chair, Russian Legsweep into Barricade
Discus Clothesline, Spinning Sitout Powerbomb, Diamond Dream, Gutwrench Gutbuster
Military Press into a Spinebuster, Military Press into a Powerslam, Super Kick, Crucifix Armbar
STJoe, STF, Olé Kick, Elbow Suicida, Samoan Drop
Mexican Surfboard, Rapid Roundhouse Kicks, Snap Half Hatch Suplex, Airplane Spin, Leg Lariat
Elbow Drop Followed by Push Ups, Tilt-a-Whirl Slam, Spinning Belly to Belly Suplex, Frankensteiner

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