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Double headed eagle on its flag.
Has more castles per kilometre than any other country.
People who live here shake their heads for yes and nod for no.
Has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.
Home of the Dalmatian dog breed.
Broke from Slovakia in 1993.
Had a leader which 'Bluetooth' is named after.
Second place in Literacy, with a literacy rate of 99.8%
This country uses 12 different timezones.
This country has the largest population in the European Union.
This country features thousands of islands. Such as Santorini.
During WW1, it formed a country with Austria.
Known for its Geology.
Rastafarians are legally allowed to possess marijuana in this country due to it being a 'sacrament' to the religion.
Forests cover 44% of the country.
Last nation in Europe to convert to Christianity.
Nearly 40% of the population are immigrants.
A country which is mistakenly known by a province.
Only 10 police officers in this country have been killed since WW2.
The most “World’s Strongest Man” winners are from this country.
Was one of the original members of the Eurozone.
Known as the country of vampires, due to Dracula.
Broke from the Czech Republic in 1993.
There are over 10,000 caves in this country.
This country was the third most visited in the world in 2013.
Was previously a part of the Ottoman Empire;
1 in 3 people living here are obese.
In this country, accents change noticeably every 40 kilometres.

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