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Can you name the Top 20 VideoGame Weapons?

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Assault rifle with a unique attachment.
47's duel pistols.
It'll cut and cauterize your limbs at the same time.
A.K.A Hallelujah Bomb.
Started out as a very out of place Easter Egg.
Animal shaped shuriken.
Kratos' Weapon of choice.
Functions as both a firearm and a edged weapon.
Efficient way to remove necromorph limbs.
Contains small amounts of special sand.
A very expensive weapon.
Household Item useful against headcrabs.
You'll find me in a toolbox and I will help you collect bolts.
This is one Big F****** Gun!
Surprise up your sleeve.
Mini nukes in a nuclear wasteland.
Portable Quantum Tunneling Device.
'The kingdom key' is an example of one.
One shot. One kill. With style.
Covenant signature melee weapon.

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