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Can you name the #1 songs missing the letters S, P, O, R, C, L and E?

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Songs without SPORCLESongArtist
It'_ _n_y Mak_ B__i_v_
Ma_k th_ Knif_
It'_ N_w __ N_v__
T___in' and Tu_nin
Big Gi___ D_n't __y
_uga_ _ha_k
Th_ H_u__ _f th_ _i_ing _un
Th_ __und _f _i__n__
I'm a B__i_v__
I H_a_d It Th__ugh th_ G_a__vin_
_uga_, _uga_
I'__ B_ Th___
J_y t_ th_ W___d
A H____ With N_ Nam_
Bad, Bad ____y B__wn
__a__n_ in th_ _un
__v_ Wi__ K___ U_ T_g_th__
D_n't G_ B__aking My H_a_t
Y_u _ight U_ My _if_
Ma_A_thu_ _a_k
I Wi__ _u_viv_
An_th__ _n_ Bi___ th_ Du_t
_b_ny and Iv__y
Bi__i_ J_an
_ik_ a Vi_gin
Songs without SPORCLESongArtist
W_ A__ th_ W___d
___k M_ Amad_u_
_ivin' _n a __ay__
_w__t _hi_d _' Min_
W_ Didn't _ta_t th_ Fi__
_t__ by _t__
_u_h _u_h
_nd _f th_ __ad
I Wi__ A_way_ __v_ Y_u
Th_ _ign
B__au__ Y_u __v_d M_
Th_ B_y i_ Min_
_ivin' _a Vida ___a
_ay My Nam_
H_w Y_u __mind M_
A M_m_nt _ik_ Thi_
__azy in __v_
My B__
H___aba_k Gi__
Hi__ D_n't _i_
B___ding __v_
B__m B__m __w
Ju_t th_ Way Y_u A__

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