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DescriptionBible Person
'Prince of demons', another name for the devil
'Son of Consolation', traveling companion of Apostle Paul
A fisherman; father of Apostles James and John
Apostle whom Jesus loved; wrote Revelation, one Gospel, three letters
Archangel who told Mary she would give birth to Jesus
Author of second Gospel
Emperor (Caesar) of Rome during Christ's public ministry
Emperor of Rome at the time of Jesus' birth
Family of governors of Palestine from 37 B.C. to late 1st century A.D.
High Priest at the time of Jesus' trial
Husband of Mary; looked upon as the father of Jesus
Iscariot, the Apostle who betrayed Jesus
Known as Dorcas, a righteous woman who died and was resurrectd through Peter
Mother of John the Baptist, cousin of Mary
DescriptionBible Person
One of the original seven Jerusalem deacons; first Christian martyr
One of the Twelve Apostles; also known as Lebbeus or Judas
One of the Twelve Apostles; one of seven Deacons; preached to Ethiopian eunuch
One of the Twelve Apostles; original name was Simon; his name means 'rock'
One of the Twelve Apostles; writer of first Gospel; also known as Levi
Prisoner released instead of Jesus
Relative of Jesus; Miraculously raised from the dead by Jesus
Roman Centurion, first Gentile convert to Christianity
Roman governor of Judea during the time of Jesus' public minstry and crucifixion
Saul; made four Missionary Journeys to Gentiles; formerly persecuted Christians
The Apostle who doubted; a twin
Wife of Aquila, Christian convert in Corinth
Wrote third Gospel, Acts of Apostles

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