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Can you name the Labor Day historical facts and trivia?

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Labor Day has its origins in this country
The first Labor Day was celebrated in this U.S. city
The first Labor Day was celebrated in this year
Fashion rules proclaim that this color should not be worn after Labor Day
The first proposal for the holiday stated that it would be celebrated by a street ___
The first state to recognize Labor Day as a state holiday
The idea to make Labor Day a federal holiday was precipitated by the deaths of many workers during this strike
This President signed the bill that designated the first Monday in September as Labor Day
The President signed the Labor Day holiday bill on June 28th of this year
The 44 day occupation of the Fisher Body plant forced this company's workers to sign a contract with the union on February 11, 1937
Host of the Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon
Labor Day has evolved to be the unofficial end of this season
The thursday following Labor Day usually marks the beginning of this sport's season
The first of this month is International Workers' Day -- Labor Day in many countries

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