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Forced Order
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DescriptionBible Person
'Father of a multitude', first patriarch
Adam and Eve's first son
Brother and spokesman for Moses
David's son and successor as King of Israel
David's son who attempted to usurp the throne
Delivered Ten Commandments from God to Israel
Egyptian maidservant of Sarah; mother of Ishmael
First king of Israel
Jacob's favorite son, became a viceroy to Pharaoh in Egypt, storing grain to carry them through famine
Jacob's favorite wife; mother of Joseph
Jacob's youngest son, born to Rachel
Jewish captive in Babylon who interpreted dreams
Judge of Israel; mentor of Samuel
Last Judge of ancient Israel; anointed kings Saul and David
DescriptionBible Person
Mother-in-law of Ruth
Noah's son from whom came the Hebrews
Noah's son, father of Mizraim, Cush, Phut, and Canaan
Older twin son of Isaac, sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup
Philistine giant, slain by David
Philistine woman who enticed Samson to reveal secret of his strength
Prophesied of 'famine of the word'
Second son of Adam and Eve, murdered by his brother
Son of Abraham and Sarah, his name means 'laughter'
Son of Abraham by Egyptian handmaiden Hagar
Third son of Adam and Eve
Third son of Jacob; priestly tribe
Wife of Abraham; at age 90 gives birth to son
Younger twin son of Isaac; name changed to 'Israel'

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