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Branch of mathematics that substitutes letters for numbersA
Cut into two congruent halvesB
Distance around the outside of a circleC
Bottom part of a fractionD
Notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itselfE
Ratio of numbers or variablesF
Various types include analytic, Euclidean and non-EuclideanG
Longest side of a right triangleH
Triangle where two sides are the same lengthI
Definition, postulate, or theorem which enables a conclusion to be drawnJ
Unit of length equal to 1,000 metersK
Straight path connecting two points and extending beyond the points in two directionsL
Arithmetic averageM
Real number less than zeroN
Polygon with eight sidesO
Two distinct coplanar lines that do not intersectP
Result of dividing two numbers or expressionsQ
Line segment between the center and point on a circleR
Three dimensional solid consisting of all points equidistant from a given pointS
Assertion that can be proved true using the rules of logicT
The result of combining elements of two setsU
Corner point of a geometric figureV
Non-negative integersW
The first number indicated in an ordered pairX
Three feetY
Number that indicates no quantity, size, or magnitudeZ

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