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AEncouraged to plant trees
BCelebrated on December 26th in the United Kingdom and Canada
CIt all began in 1492
D4 sided spinning top used on Channukah
ETwo days after Good Friday
FThird Sunday in June
GWill he see his shadow?
HTrick or Treat!
IThe 4th of July in the United States
JCarved pumpkin
KLight a kinara and honor African heritage and culture
LFirst Monday in September
MFormerly known as Decoration Day
NCelebrated on January 1st
OSixteen day festival held in Bavaria, Germany from late September to early October
PCommemorates the story of Exodus
QNational holiday in the Netherlands -- unity
RIslamic month of fasting
SNamed after the patron saint of Ireland
TFeast first celebrated by the pilgrims and Native Americans
UCelebrate July 4th by honoring this figure
VDay for love and affection
WSometimes known as President's Day
XCommon abbreviation for Christmas
YDay of Atonement; holiest day for religious Jews
ZNumber of national holidays in August

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