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TV Show (Before)TV Show (Before and After)TV Show (After)
A divorced mother (Ann Romano) and her two teenage daughters start a new life together in Indianapolis.Tony Newman and Doug Phillips become trapped in time.
Amanda King helps secret agent Lee Stetson solve a multitude of crimes.Delivery man Doug Hefferman, his wife Carrie, and her annoying father Arthur try to be a somewhat normal family.
An 1870's frontiersman disguises himself as a priest to help orphans find a home.The misadventures of a tough female television journalist and her friends.
Archie Bunker has strong opinions and debates a variety of issues.Alex P. Keaton has strong opinions and debates a variety of issues.
Arnie Becker is just one of the attorneys in the Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak.Lennie Briscoe and his fellow detectives investigate crimes and district attorneys prosecute offenders.
Bentley Gregg raises his niece Kelly with the help of his houseboy, Peter.Jim Anderson and his wife Margaret tend to their children -- Betty, Bud, and Kathy.
Bill Gillespie and Virgil Tibbs team up in a Sparta, Mississippi police department.Judge Harold T. Stone rules over petty crimes while encountering nightly shenanigans.
Classic game show in which a person and two impostors try to match wits with a panel of four celebrities.Ralph Edwards was the creator and original host of this game show that featured trivia questions and wacky stunts.
Danny Tanner gets help from his brother-in-law Jesse and his friend Joey to raise his three little girls.Curtis Payne and his multi-generational family experience life's struggles with faith, love, and humor.
Dr. Mark Sloane solves mysteries and brings killers to justice.Jessica Fletcher solves mysteries and brings killers to justice.
TV Show (Before)TV Show (Before and After)TV Show (After)
Ed McMahon is the host of a talent show featuring music and comedy categories.A midwestern housewife (Joanne Garner) raises her family in Henderson.
Hank Hill is an old fashioned, hardworking, beer drinking man who is trying to live in a modern Texas world.Captain Frank Furillo heads a team of overworked, understaffed police in the inner city.
Horatio Caine heads a group of investigators who work crimes in Miami.Detectives Crockett and Tubbs work undercover in Miami.
Inspector Lewis Erskine desperately solves cases.Enjoy the antics of cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo and his wife Lucy.
James West and Artemis Gordon are two Secret Services agents who work for the government in the Old West.President Jed Bartlet and his administration must sacrifice their personal lives and ideals for the best of the country.
Steve Austin uses his cybernetic parts to thwart evil.Two top agents of the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement fight the forces of Thrush.
Surgeons Jeffrey Geiger and Aaron Shutte battle valiantly for their patients at a major hospital in Chicago.A happily married mom (Hope) has her world turned upside down by the arrival of her celebrity sister (Faith).
The Cunningham family live through the 1950's with the help and guidance of the lovable Fonzie.Soap opera detailing the ups and downs of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families.
The Hennessy clan look to one another for guidance and support after the death of Paul, the family patriach.Jeff and Audrey Bingham and their friends deal with the complications of dating, commitment and marriage.
The Marshall family is thrown back in time and must survive in a dinosaur dominated land.The Robinson family struggles to survive on a remote planet. The robot warns: Danger Will Robinson.

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