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Caught in a cold sweat, stuck splitting hairs
And I'm tangled in the sheets
He was the poet while she was the muse.
Keep my conscience clean when I wake
One more reason I should never have met you
A smile for your scrapbook
Arrogant boy, cause a scene like you were supposed to
Without a doubt, you're all I dream about
Lately I've been wishing the television set would show me
You and I with an over night sensation
She was the friend of a sister of somebody famous
I know you've got your life in place, I've yet to take a hint someday
Left him dying to get in
I was young and horny
When you're not around, it's like a piece of me is missing
One stupid call and I end up alone
Living in the radio
I live a lifestyle full of first impressions
Show me the colors of your empty room
You were fake, I was great, nothign personal

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