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kidney removed causes what?
muscle fibers stretch in...
compensatory hormone in cardiac hypertrophy
how to fix aldosterone
increase in cell number
which tissues can hyperplasia
which cells can't hyperplasia
heart tissue brings in _______ to replace dead
scar tissue is made mostly of
what drug can cause hyperplasia
phenytoin can cause
physiological hyperplasia only occurs in
skin warts is
prostate can
what is phenytoin used for
where is drug induced hyperplasia mostly
if prostate hyperplasias, then
replacement of one tissue with another
smokers can get
chronic irritation and inflamation causes
regular tissue in lung
tissue after metaplasia in the lung
disfunctional change in tissue
changes in shape, size, organization
cells not the same shape as each other
can dysplasia be fixed
pap's smear swabs inside
known cause of dysplasia
anything good about dysplasia
anaplastic cell
difference between dysplacia and cancer

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