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QUIZ: Can you name the Water soluable vitamins?

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vitaminother nameco-enzyme name
coenzymes Always steriospecific
deboxylation of alpha-keto acid
B2 co
whose co-enzymes use adenine nucleotide group?
activation of acyl groups for transfer by nucleophilic attack
not a true nucelotide
fatigue, memory impairment, sleep loss, weight loss
used extensively in citric acid cycle and glycolosis
B1 co-enzyme name
Isolated from coat of rice bran
Diarreah, Dermatitis, Dimentia
B3 co
Prevents Pellegra
vitaminother nameco-enzyme name
not a true dinucleotide
Generated by pentose phosphate pathway
Prevents Beriberi
Formation and cleavage of alphahydroxyketones
required for synthesis of nucleic acids and fatty acids
2 electron carriers
one or two transfer agents
Activated through the addition of two phosphates
extremely light sensitive
B5 co
synthesized from tryptophan
with cytochrome participates in drug metabolism
what portion of CoA acts as a recognition site?
forms reacts with -SH to form thioesters

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