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FactsTerms and People
the gates of interpretation in Islam, closed in the 10th Century in Sunni, open in Shia
Islamic study center, translated as school in Arabic
cleric and expert in the legal field of Shariah Law ,only the best students are chosen from the Madrassah
'The spirit of god' and Islamic ruler in Shia Islam
When you are surrounded by enemies, pretend to be one of them until you are ready to attack from the inside
Oath of confidence in the spiritual leader
Punishment in the Quran for not supporting the leader
a religious community under Ottoman rule which gained equality with other religions
a sword and form of deterrence worn by the Hashemites and the upper class in the Arabian Peninsula
Source of imitation and imitation of the spiritual leader or ayatollah
“liberation” in Arabic and refers to the liberation of Israel and the establishment of a secular democratic Palestine
the ceremony to commemorate the death of Hussein, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad
According to their heritage they are entitled to drink alcohol, they celebrate Christian holidays, they do not have Mosques, do not believe in the Quran.
Means Renaissance. The official party and only party in Syria emphasizing Pan-Arabism.
was a Greek Orthodox Christian and one of the founders of the nationalist party of Syria.
This city houses the Russian naval port in Syria
FactsTerms and People
The poorest of the four Alawite tribes from which Bashar al-Assad was born
Christian Greek Orthodox founder of the PFLP
This group believes in reincarnation, not considered Islamic but is derived from Islam
Leader of Egypt associated with Pan Arabism
Allowed for Islam to become part of the Egyptian Constitution
Mean 'guardian' in Arabic and was a Saudi tribe directly related to Muhammad, expelled from the Arabian Peninsula after WWI
This ruler is continuously trapped between the Bedouin’s and the Palestinians
The Oral tradition of Islam
Those close to the prophet muhammad who would go on to become the Caliphs
This country is considered to have the holiest sites in Shia Islam
Leader of the 'party of god'
Means 'party of god' in Arabic
had was pan-Arabist, anti-Western militant ideology and founder of the PLO
Alawite ruler of modern Syria
Wrote the book, 'the Rule of the Faqih'

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