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Season 1
Episode 101 - Who gets an anal probe? 
Episode 102 - Who wants to kill Kathy Lee Gifford 
Episode 103 - What is Jimbo's hunting catchphrase? 
Episode 104 - What is the name of Stan's gay dog 
Episode 105 - What does the genetically altered monkey have? 
Episode 106 - What name does Stan's grandpa call him? 
Episode 107 - Who is the first character to become a zombie? 
Episode 108 - Who is the son of Satan? 
Episode 109 - What country is Starvin' Marvin' from? 
Episode 110 - What is the Christmas character that visits South Park? 
Episode 111 - What Surgery does Mr. Garrison have in this episode? 
Episode 112 - What two objects does Barbara Streisand need to become Mecha-Streisand 
Episode 113 - What video wins on 'Stupidest Home Videos' 
Season 2
Episode 201 - Who do the Canadians think is a 'Dick'? 
Episode 202 - Who is Cartman's dad? 
Episode 203 - What does Officer Barbrady not know how to do?  
Episode 204 - Drugs are _____, m'kay 
Episode 205 - What color is the nurses hair? 
Episode 206 - What is Jimbo and Ned's T.V. show called? 
Episode 207 - What is the bus drivers name? 
Episode 208 - What destroys the town of South Park? 
Episode 209 - When the Sundance Film Festival goes to South Park who almost dies? 
Episode 210 - What do the boys call Chicken pox? 
Episode 211 - What commercial does Cartman audition for? 
Episode 212 - What does Stan need to play 'Truth or Dare'? 
Episode 213 - What do they make Cartman do to win money? 
Episode 214 - Who wrote the song Stinky Britches first? 
Episode 215 - What is Stan's Aunts name? 
Episode 216 - Who does Cartman's uncle escape from prison with? 
Episode 217 - What kind of business does Tweeks father own? 
Episode 218 - What does Kyle name the Prehistoric Ice Man? 
Season 3
Episode 301 - What is the name of the choir the boys have to join? 
Episode 302 - What causes Spontaneous Combustion? 
Episode 303 - What does Cartman's Eye Doctor call him? 
Episode 304 - Who does the Jakovasaur play against in the Game Show? 
Episode 305 - What class does Kenny take instead of Shop Class? 
Episode 306 - Who teaches the kids about Sexual Harassment? 
Episode 307 - Who does Cartman's mom get to babysit him? 
Episode 308 - When Stan, Butters, Pip, and Dougie are trapped in the basement, what do they play? 
Episode 309 - What does Moses demand? 
Episode 310 - Whose grandma do the boys dig up to scare the fifth graders? 
Episode 311 - What is the Chinpokomon primary objective? 
Episode 312 - Who are the two home schooled kids in the spelling bee? 
Episode 313 - When Starvin' Marvin' steals the spaceship what planet to they go to? 
Episode 314 - What is the flavor of Schnapps did the Civil War reactor drink? 
Episode 315 - What does Mr. Hankey try to promote in this episode (Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics'? 
Episode 316 - Where was the convert that everyone went to on New Years Eve? 
Episode 317 - What does the Brown Noise make you do? 
Season 4
Episode 401 - What creature did the ADA say was stealing teeth or money from children? 
Episode 402 - What is the name of Cartman's cellmate in Juve? 
Episode 403 - What band does Timmy join? 
Episode 404 - What country are the quintuplets from? 
Episode 405 - What group does Cartman Join to meet mature friends? 
Episode 406 - What race are the Native Americans accually? 
Episode 407 - What does Chef want South Park to change? 
Episode 408 - What is the name of the boy band Cartman starts? 
Episode 409 - Who starts a church? 
Episode 410 - Do handicapped go to hell? 
Episode 411 - What do they use to travel back in time? 
Episode 412 - What kind of trapper keeper does Cartman have? 
Episode 413 - What is the name Timmy's turkey? 
Episode 414 - This episode does not include any regular characters except _____ 
Episode 415 - How does Cartman get caught when he tries to escape fat camp? 
Episode 416 - After all the parents were arrested what did they change the towns name to? 
Episode 417 - What do the boys make to get South Park into the spirit of Christmas? 
Season 5
Episode 501 - How many times is the word '****' spoken in this episode? 
Episode 502 - Who fights in this episode? 
Episode 503 - How do they defeat a Giant Stone Abraham Lincoln? 
Episode 504 - What does Cartman trick Scott Tenorman into eating? 
Episode 505 - For what event do they have to get Terrance and Phillip to preform? 
Episode 506 - How much money does Cartman inherit from his grandma? 
Episode 507 - What phrase do they repeat when they think they are 'milking the dog' 
Episode 508 - What is the video game system they get in this episode? 
Episode 509 - What gift do the boys receive from Afganistan? 
Episode 510 - What disease do the people with butts on there faces have? 
Episode 511 - Who invents a vehicle to replace Airplanes? 
Episode 512 - What are rich people most afraid of? 
Episode 513 - What song does Cartman sing to the House of Representitives to overturn the stem-cell ban? 
Episode 514 - 'Everyone knows its Butters _____ ___' 
Season 6
Episode 601 - What foundation does Jared start? 
Episode 602 - What mountain does Stan have to race down? 
Episode 603 - What does Butters have to pretend he has on his chin? 
Episode 604 - Who becomes a vegetarian after saving the Veal? 
Episode 605 - Who is the star of 'Fightin' around the World' 
Episode 606 - What is Butters villian ego he creates in this episode? 
Episode 607 - What show had done every idea that Butters came up with? 
Episode 608 - If you put food up your butt then... 
Episode 609 - The boys start a club to save films from thier directors and also to _____ ___  
Episode 610 - The boys fight over who? 
Episode 611 - Who is always destroying the city wall? 
Episode 612 - 'Where were you when they built the _______ __ ______'? 
Episode 613 - What was the movie called that was accually in the Lord of the Rings case? 
Episode 614 - What is the name of Mr. Garrison's assistant? 
Episode 615 - Who is the biggest douche in the universe? 
Episode 616 - What two characters meet their 'future self'? 
Episode 617 - Who sings the '12 days of Christmas'? 
Season 7
Episode 701 - What episode does this start the same as? 
Episode 702 - What gang do Jimmy and Timmy join? 
Episode 703 - Who ends up confessing for TPing the art teachers house? 
Episode 704 - What does Cartman try to have to learn about 1776? 
Episode 705 - The Jennifer Lopez hand puppet ends up being a con artist name? 
Episode 706 - Who stole the little girls doll that the boys have to try to get back? 
Episode 707 - What do the Native Americans want to build where South Park is located? 
Episode 708 - Who does Mr. Garrison talk to about how to deal with people acting gay? 
Episode 709 - What is the name of Cartman's Christian band? 
Episode 710 - What organization comes to South Park to help the old people take over the town? 
Episode 711 - Where does Cartman have Butters hide when he claims a meteor is going to hit earth? 
Episode 712 - Who is the Mormon Prophet? 
Episode 713 - What Celebrity tries to kill Cartman to show smokings bad? 
Episode 714 - While depressed who does Stan go to hang out with? 
Episode 715 - What is Ike's Birth Name? 
Season 8
Episode 801 - What do they dress Butters up like when he needs medical attenion? 
Episode 802 - Who does Timmy try to tell about Jimmy using steriods? 
Episode 803 - Who is Cartmans celebrity hero? 
Episode 804 - Where were the kids from that served Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman? 
Episode 805 - Where does the package with AWESOME-O in it say it was from? 
Episode 806 - What does Michael Jackson change his last name to? 
Episode 807 - What is the derogatory term for people from another time?  
Episode 808 - What two new mascots does the school have to vote on? 
Episode 809 - Where is the Heart of Walmart? 
Episode 810 - What is the name of the bully that took the rap for the fire they started in preschool? 
Episode 811 - What do the boys use to get ideas for a new show? 
Episode 812 - Who offers $200 million to buy Butters? 
Episode 813 - How does Cartman get his gift of telepathy? 
Episode 814 - The whole episode called Woodland Critter Christmas was just a story written by who? 
Season 9
Episode 901 - Kyle has a plastic surgeon make him what two things? 
Episode 902 - Cartmans team stop the Hippies consists of him, an engineer, a scientist, and a ______________  
Episode 903 - After Token drops the 'Super Awesome Talent Agency', Who do they get as a new proformer?  
Episode 904 - What is the name of the video game Kenny was playing on the psp? 
Episode 905 - What does Randy do at every one of Stans Baseball Games? 
Episode 906 - After Cartman thinks he is dead who is the only person who can see him? 
Episode 907 - Who does everyone expect to win the talent show? 
Episode 908 - After Stan and Cartman crash a boat into a dam, everyone thinks the flood was caused by? 
Episode 909 - When Butters pretends to be a girl what is his fake name? 
Episode 910 - Mr. Garrison hires an assassin named __________ to destroy Stan and Kyles egg 
Episode 911 - Who can't carry the Ginger gene? 
Episode 912 - Who won't come out of the closet? 
Episode 913 - The two park employees trick the boys into thinking they need to bring the whale to where? 
Episode 914 - What disease does Randy think he has?  
Season 10
Episode 1001 - What happened to Chef that made him act weird?  
Episode 1002 - Where do the Broflovskis move to be with people who drive hybrids? 
Episode 1003 - Everyone puts their heads in the _____ to not look responsible for Muhammad being on T.V. 
Episode 1004 - Who else wanted to get Family Guy off the aire? 
Episode 1005 - Two sell his book, Towelie changes his name to what? 
Episode 1006 - Who told everyone about the dangers of Manbear pig? 
Episode 1007 - What noise did the Dog Whisperer use on Cartman?  
Episode 1008 - The Sword of a Thousand Truths was put on a what? 
Episode 1009 - Who solved the Mystery of the Urnial Turd and the conspiracy of 9/11 
Episode 1010 - When a school hallway monitor Cartman's catchphrase was 'Go with _______' 
Episode 1011 - For his halloween party Satan wanted a cake shaped like a __________ 
Episode 1012 - To make the time go faster before the Nintendo Wii came out Cartman did what to himself? 
Episode 1013 - Who was the co-founder of worldwide atheism? 
Episode 1014 - When Stan is Coaching a Peewee hockey team, who does he get to make the team better? 
Season 11
Episode 1101 - On What game show does Randy use the 'n' word? 
Episode 1102 - Butter's dad sends him to a theropy camp because he thinks Butters is what? 
Episode 1103 - Who accually had lice? 
Episode 1104 - Most of the Episode called 'The Snuke' is mocking what T.V. series? 
Episode 1105 - Saint Peter was not a man but accually a ________ 
Episode 1106 - Who tries to buy the bar Ms. Garrison started going to? 
Episode 1107 - What is Cartmans solution for the homeless problem? 
Episode 1108 - What disease does Cartman fake having to say whatever he wants of T.V.? 
Episode 1109 - What Unit do they use to way crap? 
Episode 1110 - What did Cartman Claim he saw in the episode (imagination land)?  
Episode 1111 - 'I'v got dry balls... and I'm _________ ___ __ _______ 
Episode 1112 - Who has the abilty to summon things in imagination land? 
Episode 1113 - When Stan and Kyle reach a million points on Guitar Hero, what does the game announce? 
Episode 1114 - According to the list who is the ugliest boy? 
Season 12
Episode 1201 - 'I'm not just sure... I'm ____ ___________' 
Episode 1202 - Who does everyone 'agree has to die'? 
Episode 1203 - The new way Kenny gets high is called what? 
Episode 1204 - To end the Canadian Strike they give the Canadains Gum and __________ coupons 
Episode 1205 - 'how can a reach these ________' 
Episode 1206 - Where is the only internet left? 
Episode 1207 - What year do the employees at Pioneer Village say it is? 
Episode 1208 - Cartman believes the Chinese are going to invade after watching the Beijing __________ 
Episode 1209 - Who wants to fight Cartman? 
Episode 1210 - What kind of bands from Peru are appearing everywhere? 
Episode 1211 - Who is the only one who can stop the Guinea Pirate? 
Episode 1212 - McCain and Obama only ran for president so they can steal what? 
Episode 1213 - Who is the Character Cartman mocks for having Diabetes? 
Episode 1214 - Who hate the Vampire kids? 
Season 13
Episode 1301 - What is Kenny's girlfriends name in this episode? 
Episode 1302 - What celebrity do people think 'The Coon' is? 
Episode 1303 - Who uses a Platinum Card to pay everyones debt?  
Episode 1304 - Who is Terrance and Phillip dating in this episode? 
Episode 1305 - Who steals credit for the Fishsticks Joke? 
Episode 1306 - What is the name of the Criminal alian? 
Episode 1307 - Where does Cartman and his crew go to become Pirates? 
Episode 1308 - What is the product Billy Mays advertises that Cartman is enthusiastic about?  
Episode 1309 - What does Butters become after paying $5 for a kiss? 
Episode 1310 - What is the Wrestling legue the boys start called? 
Episode 1311 - Who did the Japanese think was responsible for the bombing of Hiroshima?  
Episode 1312 - What is the new word for Harley riders?  
Episode 1313 - What does Cartman say Wendy kills? 
Episode 1314 - What does Kyle say the only thing grosser than pee is?  
Season 14
Episode 1401 - What kind of suit was Kenny wearing when he choked to death? 
Episode 1402 - Who do they say wrote the book 'Scrotie McBoogerballs'? 
Episode 1403 - What fast food resturant was shut down in low income areas? 
Episode 1404 - After being sucked into facebook, what game does Stan have to play to survive? 
Episode 1405 - What was Tom Cruise packing into boxes? 
Episode 1406 - Along with the previous episode, this episode was banned from T.V. because of its depiction of what? 
Episode 1407 - What was towelies child? 
Episode 1408 - Cartman does think he is _______ and _______ enough to be a Nascar driver. 
Episode 1409 - 'It's a _______ thing' 
Episode 1410 - Stan is sent to the counselor because they think he is a _________ 
Episode 1411 - What is the name of the superhero who tells people how a disaster could have been avoided? 
Episode 1412 - When BP drilled on the moon what did they unleash?  
Episode 1413 - Who accually has a super power? 
Episode 1414 - Who does Cartman pretend to be to discourage Randy's from cooking?  

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