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What is the name of the episode when Ziva first appears?
Who threatens to kill Gibb's father in season 9?
What agent is with Jenny Shepard when she is killed?
What snack does DiNozzo always steal from the vending machine?
What is the name of the FBI agent that investigated Tony when he was framed for murder?
Where did McGee work when the team was replaced?
What does Gibbs always say when they have a new case?
What is the name of McGee's book?
In the book, what is his name for Gibbs?
When Abby stays at McGee's house, what does she break?
Just type your responses to these trivia
What is the episode name where it seems that DiNozzo and Ziva shared a bed in France?
What is the name of the file that Special Agent Lee was leaking?
What is DiNozzo's favorite pizza?
What does Abby's stuffed animal do?
What day of the week did Palmer and Lee 'meet'?
Where did Gibbs and the team meet Kate?
What is the translation of 'La Grenouille'?
What is the name of Gibb's daughter?
Who does Abby dress up as for Halloween?
What does NCIS stand for?

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