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Can you name the Buffy trivia from all seasons?

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Name of Tara and Willow's cat?
What type of music does Xander listen to after being dumped by Cordelia?
Who did Kendra have a crush on?
Who killed Kendra?
Willow's first boyfriend?
& Why did they break up?
Name of group assigned to kill Buffy during season 2?
& Who sent that group?
In which episode does Riley uncover Buffy's secret, and vice versa?
In which episode did Buffy gain Telepathic abilities?
What was Buffy's Prom award title?
Who broke Buffy's Prom award?
Who did Buffy want to be as a child?
What fear did Willow admit to Giles in 'What's My Line Pt 1'?
What colour crayon did Willow break, according to Xander in 'Grave'?
How did Principal Wood's Mother die?
& What item was taken from her body?
Angel's real name?
Tara's final words?
Whose name did Buffy mistake with 'Kissing Toast?'
Gift that Oz gives Willow?
Where does Amy Madison's Mother end up?
What did Jonathan do as a result of not getting into the swimteam?
Who said this? 'Generally speaking, when scary things get scared, not good'
'You're a sheep, all you ever do is what everyone else does just so you can say you did it first..''
'I mock you with my monkey pants!'
'Er, where's the doorknob?'
'In my plan, we are beltless'
'...You think i'm evil if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?'
What title did D'Hoffryn give Aud (Anya)?
Name the robot Joyce falls in love with?
What does 'Baking a Cake' really mean? (The Zeppo)
Lead singer of Dingoes ate my Baby?
Last lines of the series?
& Who spoke them?

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