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What was the first James Bond Film?
Which ice hockey player is known as 'the great one'?
Which astronaut on Apollo 11, did not walk on the moon?
In Greek Mythology who was the messenger of the Gods?
Who wrote 'The Ego and the Id'
What country gained independence in July 2011
Which football team has won the Premier League the most times?
What is state capital of Iowa
'The Thinker' is a statue by what artist?
Seoul is the capital city of what country?
What is the name of the largest human bone?
During World War II what was the operation name of the D-Day landings?
What is the largest country in the world?
What is name given to triangles with all sides and angles equal?
Which tennis player has won the most wimbledon mens singles titles?
A palmiped's feet are more commonly called what?
What is the Canadian National Animal?
'Bossypants' is the name of which comedian's autobiography?
What is the capital city of Colombia
What was Elvis Presley's first hit in 1956?
In what Australian state is the city of Brisbane located?
How many years in prison did Nelson Mandela serve?
What is the smallest member of the flute family?
The Biopic Walk the Line is based on which Musicians Life?
In Darts, what is the highest possible score with three darts?
True/False: Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.
Mt Mckinley is also know by what other name
What is the tallest building in the world?
What is the capital of Nigeria
What is the name given to an otters home?
In what year was the Good Friday Agreement signed in Northern Ireland?
Who is the head of the Church of England?
How many dots in total are there on a dice?
The H1N1 virus is more commonly referred to as what?
With which instrument is jazz musician Miles Davis most commonly associated?
How many states are there in the USA?
What was the name of the first cloned animal, a sheep?
Who wrote the Iliad?
What does the BBC stand for?
In the state of Washington, USA, what town is famous for witch trials?
In what unit, is energy measured?
The Hindi festival of Diwali is also known as the festival of ________.?
What is the capital city of Ireland?
What branch of Mathematics did Isaac Newton create?
What is the second book of the old testament?
What is a group of crows known as?
Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and the Breakfast Club were directed by who?
Fashion Designer Mary Quant is accredited for the invention of what item of clothing?
Stacie Ann Ferguson is the real name of which musician?
Who was the first woman named to the US Supreme Court?
The Pantheon is found in which European capital?
COD is a commonly used acronym for what video game?
In cricket, how many bowls are in an over?
Which architect designed the Sydney Opera House?
In what country will the 2015 Rugby World cup take place?
Jimmy Page was founder of what rock group?
What country is the Shinto religion based in?
Steve Wozniak is a co-founder of what company?
How many countries are in the European Union?
White keys on a piano were traditionaly made of ivory, what were the black keys made of?
At what battle did General Custer die?
What legendary US festival that hosted over 350,000 fans took place in 1969?
Riga is the capital city of what country?
What is the only fictional animal in the Chinese Zodiac
What is the name of the New Zealand Rugby Team?
Who is the longest reigning monarch in British History?
Who is also known as the flying tomato?
What Beatles album is named after a famous recording studio in London?
Who painted the 'virgin on the rocks'?
A sonnet consists of how many lines?
Steven Speilberg is closely associated with what composer?
Who was Vice-President under Bill Clinton?
On what day does St. Patricks Day take place?
What car company produces the Accord and the Civic?
What is the capital city of Saudi Arabia?
Who was the first human to travel to outer space?
From 1976 to 2008 who served as President of Cuba?
Who served as Secretary of State to both President Nixon and President Ford?
What is the name of the colored part of the eye?
Which of Santa's reindeer comes alphabetically first?
What do plants require light for?
What modern city stands on the site of the ancient Greek city of Byzantium?
Which NFL team has won the Super bowl 6 times?
On what day does the summer solstice occur?
Give the surname of famous musician brothers Noel and Liam?
'jaune' is french for which color?
What is the name given to the cricket test series held between England and Australia every two years?
For which film did Robin Williams win his only oscar?
Who holds the world record for running the 100m in 9.58s?
How many sides has a Polygon
Which Michael Jackson album is the best selling album of all time?
The Claret jug is a prize in which sport?
James Bond is a fictional spy for which agency?
Please Solve for x: 8x + 12x=100
Sn is the chemical symbol for what element?
Name the brother of Supermario character Mario?
What is the largest freshwater lake in the world?
A.A. Milne is the creator of which famous bear?
What is the longest running show on Broadway?
In geometry how many minutes are in on degrees?
Tenzing Norgay along with who, became the first to summit Mt. Everest?
In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, who is the youngest sister?
What is the name given to a Rabbit's home?
What tool does a conductor use to keep time?
'Frasier' was a spin-off of what other TV show?
Which famous pop musician sang at Princess Diana's funeral?
What American city is also know as 'the big easy'?
The Delorean car is famous for its association with what film franchise?
Who was the first woman to win a nobel prize?
Which vegetable is traditionally used in the Greek dish Moussaka
Which blood vessel pumps blood from the lungs?
Who is the all-time leading points scorer in the NBA?
Which King signed the Magna Carta in 1215
Wellington is the capital city of what country?
In Greek Mythology on what mountain did the Gods reside?
In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, what is Romeo's surname?
Bella Swan is the protagonist of which young adult novels?
Yo-Yo Ma is famous for which classical instrument?
Neurologists focus on what area of the body?
How many legs does a butterfly have?
Ironman, Thor and Captain american are part of what Superhero team?
What is the capital city of Nigeria?
The Volstead Act lead to what period of American History?
Martin Sheen played which fictional president in the tv show, the West Wing?
What is the chemical formula for water?
In what year did the Beatles announce they were breaking-up?
Who is the patron saint of Spain?
According to Chinese zodiac, 2015 is the year of what animal?
Who was the first Queen of England
Lines on maps connecting places with the same atmospheric pressure are known as what?
What country is reputed to have the world's oldest flag design?
Who won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games?
What is Agoraphobia a fear of?
The Patella is commonly know as what?
In the USA Thanksgiving takes place on what day of the week?
What is the square root of 169?
How many players are there on a soccer team?
What is the capital city of Kenya?
In what year did popular musicians Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix both die from drug overdoses?
What does the chemical formula HCL stand for?
What was the name of the spaceship in the 1979 film Alien?
Who is the current Secretary General of the United Nations
What is the U2 singer Bono's real name?
What is the common name for the Aurora Borealis?
Who is the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?
Convert 2015 to Roman Numberals
What is the largest state in the USA?
How many syllables are in a Haiku?
In biological classification what is the lowest/first taxonomic rank?
What was the nationality of the artist Vincent van Gogh?
The song 'American Pie' was written by which American singer/songwriter?
Florence Nightingale became know as the Lady with the Lamp during which war?
Who composed the ballet Swan Lake?
In what year did Columbus sail the ocean blue?
Which country has the won the most FIFA World Cups?
Across all platforms, what is the number one best selling video game?
In Christianity, what name is given to the 6th January?
What is the name given to a female swan?
Who won the first American Idol contest in 2002?
What is world's second largest French Speaking city?
How many keys are there on a standard piano?
On the London Underground map, what color is the Bakerloo line?
'It was the best of times, it was the worst times' is the opening line of which book?
Who is the oldest man in the Bible?
Who is the Super Bowl Trophy named after?
What organ secretes insulin?
Who is Director of Star wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?
Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA?
How many moons does the planet Jupiter have?
Santiago is the capital city of what country?
To what island was Napoleon exiled to in 1815.
What type of word is the word 'Red'
Papua New Guinea is part of which continent?
In the acronym FDA, what does the 'D' stand for?
What is the surname of famous brothers, Orville and Wilbur?
The 'baht' is the currency of what country?
The Gettysburg Address is by which American president?
Please complete this French Slogan: Liberty, Equality, ________?
In Golf, what score is needed on a par 4 for an Eagle?
Who is the all time leading touchdown scorer in NFL history?
what is a group of owls known as?
In what country is Mecca located?
Christopher Wren designed which Cathedral?
'Funeral Blues' is written by which famous Poet?
Who wrote ' to kill a mockingbird'
What did Isaac Newton Discover after an apple fell onto his head?
The Durand cup is a soccer tournament in which country?
Epsom is associated with what sport?
What capital city lies on the pontomac river?
True/False: The Republic of Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.
Who's face is thought to have 'launched a thousand ships?
In Greek mythology, which titan was the father of Zeus?
In the term 'email' what does the letter 'e' stand for?
What term describes the path of one celestial body around another?
How many human years in one dog year?
What is the smallest country in the world?
True/False: Penguins are found on the North Pole.
Tim Berners Lee invented what, in 1991?
What is the name of the first ever golf course?
What is the commonly used name for Caissons disease?
What is the world's largest landlocked country?
What is the medical term for high blood pressure?
How many zeros are in the number one billion?
In Bingo what number is referred to as two little ducks?
Which actress has one the most oscars?
What does DNA stand for?
Who wrote the Count of Monte Christo?
With what material does a currier work?
The Great Wall Street Crash took place in what year?
How many stones did David use to slay Goliath?
What is the chemical symbol for gold?
Who wrote the book 'the Origins of Species'?
On an ice hocky team, how many players are allowed on the ice at the one time?
The Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea are joined by which canal?
What is opera singer Pavarotti's first name?
What is the smallest state in the USA?
who is the wealthiest author?
What is Hilary Clinton's Middle name
Initially who voiced the cartoon Mickey Mouse?
From what country is Pope Francis from?
What is the capital city of Canada?
What is the opposite of an antonym?
Which car company owns Ferarri and Alfa Romeo?
In Judaism, the Festival of Lights or the Feast of Dedication is also know as what?
Which American President was elected four times?
Who did Ronald Regan describe as the 'best man in Britain'
What is the legal term for willfully giving false evidence in court?
What is the southern most state of the USA?
Which classic children's book was written by Anna Sewell
Astigmatism is a condition affecting which part of the body?
Which film has grossed the most at the Box-office?
In the Beatles, which instrument did Paul McCartney play?
Who wrote Les Miserables?
In the song the '12 days of Christmas' what gift was given on the 3rd day?
With what style of painting was Money associated?
Into what does the Amazon river flow?
Underwhat record company does Stevie Wonder record?
On what street do Bert and Ernie live?
Who was Henry VIII's first Wife
Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded what company?
In Disney's 'The Jungle Book' who is a 'Man-cub's best friend'
During brewing, what ingredient is converted into alcohol?
At what age did Beethoven loose his hearing?
What is Sherlock Holmes address?
In an orchestra to what instrument are all other instruments tuned?
What is the heaviest metal found on earth?
How many films did Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks appear in together?
Which singer topped the charts with 'Someone like you'
Who was the first president of the Soviet Union
In music, how may notes are in a scale?
What was the name given to the National Liberation Front by Western sources during the Vietnam War?
What is the green pigment in plants called?
What do Philatelist collect?
A seismograph records what?
Name the yellow Telly Tubby?
Cairo is the capital city of what country?
Which illustrator is most associated with Road Dahl?
What is the capital city of Poland?
What are the small indentations on a golf ball called?
On what island nation was the extinct bird the Dodo endemic?
Who was the US president prior to John F. Kennedy?
Who is currently first in line for the British Throne?
In the comic strip Peanuts, what is the name of Charlie Brown's dog?
Who composed the Minute Waltz?
What is the last book of the Bible?
Bile is produced by which organ of the body?
In the UK on what day is Guy Fawkes Night?
In what US State was the first Disneyland opened?
How many cards are in a deck excluding jokers?
What is the most northernly capital city in the world?
In Roman mythology Neptune is the equivalent to which Greek God?
What was the name of the scandal forcing President Nixon to resign from office?
What actress played Monica in the popular t.v. sitcom 'Friends'
The Hidenburg disaster in 1937 took place in what US state?
In Moscow, what building serves as a seat for the Russian government?
What is the name of the second highest mountain in the world?
Which guitarist has the nickname 'slowhand'?
In Islam what is the name given to the period of fasting during sunlight hours?
In which country was Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde born?
What is the name of Homer and Marge Simpson's youngest child?
What modern day country was formally known as Siam?
When a new pope is elected what is the color of the smoke emitted from the Sistine Chapel?
What is the name of the largest blood vessel in the body?
Banquo, King Duncan and the Three Witches are characters in which William Shakespeare Play?
In JRR Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings, which companion did the hobbits meet in the Inn of the Prancing Pony?
What is the name given to a shape with seven sides?
What musician purchased ATV Music and every Beatles song for $47 million in 1985?
What was the Democratic Republic of Congo formally known as?
The Mona Lisa is located in which French museum?
What country in the world has the largest population?
In what year did Sweden join the European Union?
Who discovered Penicillin?
In what city was Presiden John F. Kennedy shot dead?
Which paralympic athelete was convicted of manslaughter in 2014
Who was 'The Bell Jar' written by?
A charged atom or molecule is known as what?
'Azul' is the spanish for which color?
In Disney's the Lion King, what animal is Rafiki?
In what country was Albert Einstein born?
What is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan?

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