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RatioFormulaMeasure of
Current RatioShort-term debt-paying ability (Liquidity & Efficiency)
Acid-Test RatioImmediate short-term debt-paying ability
Accounts Receivable TurnoverEfficiency of collection
Inventory TurnoverEfficiency of inventory management
Days' Sales UncollectedLiquidity of receivables
Days' Sales in InventoryLiquidity of inventory
Total Asset TurnoverEfficiency of assets in producing sales
RatioFormulaMeasure of
Debt RatioCreditor financing and leverage (Solvency)
Equity RatioOwner financing
Debt-to-Equity RatioDebt vs. equity financing
Times Interest EarnedProtection in meeting interest payments
Profit Margin RatioNet income in each sales dollar (Profitability)
Gross Margin RatioGross margin in each sales dollar
Return on Total AssetsOverall profitability of assets
RatioFormulaMeasure of
Return on Common Stockholders' EquityProfitability of owner investments
Book Value per Common ShareLiquidation at reported amounts
Basic Earnings per ShareNet income per common share
Price-earnings RatioMarket value relative to earnings (Market Prospects)
Dividend YieldCash return per common share

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