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Main Character
Main Character's Crush
Main Character's Rival
Team 7 Sensei
Temporary Sasuke replacement
Temporary Team 7 replacement
Team 8 (hyuga)
Team 8 (Fang over Fang!)
Team 8 (Uses bugs)
Team 8 sensei
Team 10 (Mind transfer)
Team 10 (Shadow possession)
Team 10 (Expansion)
Team 10 sensei
Team Gai (only knows tai jutsu)
Team Gai (Hyuga)
Team Gai (Weapons master)
Team Gai Sensei
Jiraiya's Main Summoning (frog)
Tsunade's Summoning (slug)
Orochimaru's Summoning (snake)
Naruto's Main Summoning (frog)
Sasuke's Summoning (snake)
Sakura's Summoning (slug)
1st Hokage
2nd Hokage
3rd Hokage
4th Hokage
Team Minato (Team 7 sensei)
Team Minato (uchiha)
Team Minato(Obito has a crush on)
Naruto's Mother
Tsunade's Apprentice
Orochimaru's Apprentice
Hinata's Sister
The one tailed beast
The two tailed beast
The three tailed beast
The four tailed beast
The five tailed beast
The six tailed beast
The seven tailed beast
The eight tailed beast
The nine tailed beast
The one tailed Jinchuriki
The two tailed Jinchuriki
The three tailed Jinchuriki
The four tailed Jinchuriki
The five tailed Jinchuriki
The six tailed Jinchuriki
The seven tailed Jinchuriki
The eight tailed Jinchuriki
The nine tailed Jinchuriki
Gaara's Brother
Gaara's Sister
Founder of the Uchiha Clan
Mother of all Shinobi
Sage of Six Paths
Lives on the moon (anscestor of the Hyuga clan)
Last member of the Otsutsuki clan on the moon (main antagonist of Naruto the Last)
Son of Hagaromo
Son of Hagaromo
Akatsuki (uses puppets)
Akatsuki (uses explosives)
Akatsuki (tailless tailed beast)
Akatsuki (Sasuke's Brother)
Akatsuki (Orange Mask)
Akatsuki (Loves money)
Akatsuki (Religious)
Akatsuki (Black & White)
Akatsuki (Leader)
Pain's true identity
Akatsuki (Only female)
Akatsuki(Died & became Pain's Deva Path)
Naruto & Hinata's Son
Naruto & Hinata's Daughter
Shikamaru and Temari's son
Sasuke and Sakura's Daughter
Orochimaru's son
Choji & Karui's Daughter
Sai & Ino's Son
Rock Lee's Son
Itachi's Best Friend
Itachi's Girlfriend
Madara's Brother
3rd Hokage's Grandson
Team Hawk (loves sasuke)
Team Hawk (water user)
Team Hawk (curse mark)
Temporary 6th Hokage (The foundation)
Current Mizukage (As of Boruto)
Current Tsuchikage (As of Boruto)
Current Raikage (As of Boruto)
Mizukage(during 4th war)
Raikage(during 4th war)
Tsuchikage(during 4th war)
Hokage(during 4th war)

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