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QUIZ: Can you name the Seinfeld: Minor Details III (challenging)?

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The Mandelbaum's crepe restaurant is called this:
After attempting to eat a piece of broccoli at Kenny Rogers' Roasters, Newman puts down a shot of this:
Before Elaine asks Brett if they can share the song 'Desperado,' she proposes that this could be their song:
The parking lot that runs the prostitution operation is called:
Kramer tells Helen to put down this word in Scrabble:
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George's made-up childhood summer friend is named:
Kramer is awarded a Tony Award for this musical:
Frank Costanza's move is referred to as this:
George suggests to Susan's cousin Carrie that she should name her child this:
Kramer's briefcase that he takes to work is full of these:
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Bizarro Newman is named:
George insists that Frank should say this phrase instead of 'Serenity Now!':
Vivian tells George that she believes this to be the most sensual of the salted cured meats:
The coughing dog that Kramer befriends is named:
Bette Midler asks Kramer to retrieve a shave ice of this flavor:
QuestionAnswerNothing Important
This man ultimately possesses the cigar store Indian:
Puddy replaces his fur coat with this jacket:
The mannequin that resembles Elaine is officially titled:
George tells Mary Anne, who works at the New York visitors center, that he is visiting New York from here:
Elaine's middle name:

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