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George's middle name:
The made-up name of Elaine's ex-bullfighter boyfriend:
Bania has Jerry take him out to dinner here, twice:
Newman discovers that you get 10 cents per bottle in Michigan for recycling on a bottle of this soda:
In California, George believes that this ingredient is in the tuna sandwich:
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Kramer lands the role of this character on 'Murphy Brown':
Jerry thinks that this is the flavor of the Chinese gum:
Mr. Steinbrenner ate this lunch from 1973 to 1982:
Jerry and the naked man on the subway both like this about the Mets:
Jerry claims that the Big Salad has tomatoes the size of these:
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George's big project at Sanalac (the rest stop supply company):
Mrs. Hamilton ultimately programs Jerry's phone number under this button:
Kramer believes that you must do this before surgery:
The man who has glasses that resemble Jake Jarmel's bought them here:
John Germaine wrote a song for Elaine entitled this:
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Todd Gack bet Nikki that this was Richard Nixon's middle name
After George's visit to payroll, Wilhelm insists that he must go here next:
Kramer tells the Sniffing Accountant that he's hip to this scene:
Elaine picks up Mr. Pitt's parade pass at this restaurant:
George has the acronym, 'B.L.', for this type of woman:

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