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The key ingredient in Kramer's hand moisturizer:
The chef's name in the musical George claims to have written:
The bike hanging in Jerry's apartment is of this brand:
Newman's apartment number:
The name of bizarro Kramer:
The material that Elaine's lost button was made of:
Brand of garbage disposal that Kramer installs in his shower:
The Maestro's birthname:
Where Elaine buys her shoes:
The song Elaine names for Mr. Pitt's parade pass:
QuestionAnswerNothing Important
The combination to Elaine's 'vault':
The neighborhood video rental store:
What Kramer regretfully feeds his horse:
The destination city of Rochelle's journey:
Kramer's statue of George will be made out of this:
What Frank calls his billiards room:
Elaine tells Susan that her boyfriend exports these:
The original title of 'War and Peace' according to Jerry:
Kramer uses this pseudonym when he enters Putumayo:
Todd Gack doesn't get Jerry cigars from Cuba, but rather from here:

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