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Known as the 'Little Whirlwind', is also the exiled prince of the Imperial family
A white-haired teenager who becomes the fourth progenitor
One of the Cursed Children, is an Initiator who works alongside her Promoter to fight Gastrea
Shy genius who cuts pages out of books and is terrible at playing the violin
Son of Sparda, loves strawberry sundaes, slaughters demons, and is deep in debt
Sadistic masked man who refers to people as 'human toilets'
Becomes an Exorcist to fight his father Satan
Short girl known as the 'Palmtop Tiger'
Princess who is sent to marry the Sun King, can summon rain through song
Red-haired high school student who becomes Pretear in order to save the world from the Princess of Disaster
Sent to Europe to return an ancient talisman, he inherits powers and becomes a god slayer, is also accompanied by female knights
14-year old Sword Shaman from the Lion-King organization
The Norse God of Destruction and the God of Light, he is sent to another dimension along with other gods to understand the human heart
Homeless girl who inherits an abandoned shrine and becomes the new Earth Deity
Eccentric wanderer known for his annoying flute performances and wacky attire

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