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Can you name the TIME 100 most influential people of 2011?

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Spokesman for a revolutionHe helped the Egyptian people realize their power
EconomistThe man who knew markets could fail
Netflix CEOA pioneer in one-stop home entertainment
ActressAmerica's freshest comedian
School reformerA Superman for inner-city kids
Facebook founderBecause Facebook can be a lifesaver
Game developerUnleasher of Angry Birds
Consensus builderThe de facto President of Europe
MuckrakerA teller of secrets, with a few of his own
AdvocateTransforming the Middle East, one graduate at a time
Central bankerCleaning up Nigeria's corrupt industry
ActorA king with a common touch
Tough-love motherTiger mom, burning bright and taking the heat
Vice presidentAmerica's Counselor Chief
WriterThe pinnacle of literary ambition and intelligence
Tennis championBalancing sport, motherhood and victory with grace
Intelligence chiefPakistan's spymaster walks a fine line
Freedom fighterBurma's flame of democracy
Boat rockerThe mayor who shamed Japan
CongresswomanA symbol of civility
MayorSaying Newark with a smile
First ladyShe moves us in the right direction
CongressmanThe prophet of Republican economics
ArtistThe conscience of China
PreacherRethinking heaven and hell - and everything in between
Human-rights lawyerHis detention ignited the Libyan revolution
Brazil's presidentA wise survivor for her continent's largest country
Fashion and film directorA singular style
Defence ministerChina's military mastermind
ScientistThe empress of apes
DoctorIn Japan's tragic hour, he risked his life for others
InterventionistFrance's President puts his nation in the driver's seat
CongresswomanA true believer and conservatives' delight
Media mogulAfghanistan's steward of news
GovernorBold enough to take on the bureaucrats
Mad Men creatorPoet of vintage glamour and modern drama
EPA chiefProtecting our air, our water and our future
European bank headThe euro's best friend
PhenomenonThe crown prince of pop
Royal rainmakersA fairy tale for the modern era
Morning-show hostStirring the political conversation every day
ActressA youthful picture of Hollywood poise
Secretary of stateA diplomat abroad - and at home
*Political preacherIraq's radical rabble rouser
*American terroristJihad's wily recruiter
*Tyrant in waitingNorth Korea's rising son
*MotormouthLibya's stubborn scion
*DemagogueIsrael's scourge, and Lebanon's
Virus hunterStalking the next fatal disease
Television pioneerThe queen of daytime, now 24/7
AutomakerFiat's Mr. Fix-It gets under the hood at Chrysler
Captain fantasticLeader of the cricket team scores a big win for India
Cosmic sleuthExpanding the definition of life - on Earth and elsewhere
EconomistFinding smart solutions to fight poverty
Poll winnerThe people's choice
Search giantGoogle's top guy
Emerging starAn actress who is bold enough to be shy
Britain's prime ministerA centrist who avoids the gutters of politics
FilmmakerThe heart and soul of Pixar
Law enforcerFighting for the legal rights of women in Afghanistan
Titan of industryAn Indian emperor in his own Taj Mahal
Song-and-dance manFor his pitch perfect portrayal of a gay teen
Air force commanderA groundbreaker rules the skies
ArtistThe musician with everything
TycoonsBillionaire backers of the Tea Party and the arts
Fashion mogulA Chinese tastemaker with an international touch
CommanderAmerica's indispensable man on the battlefield
ActivistsSaving lives with clean water
AdvocateCrusader for women's health rights
StorytellerThe man behind the Thrones
NationalistThe face of the French right has a shot at the presidency
Culinary InnovatorThe Next's great chef is here
PreacherA champion of interfaith dialogue
Tunisian rapperPoet laureate of the pan-Arabic revolution
Colossus of Wall StreetThe survivor shapes the debate
Mother's helperPreparing a generation for parenthood
MusicianHis sound knows no bounds
WriterPortrait of the artist as a force of nature
Brain mapperSolving the mind's riddles
Champion of studentsAn unstoppable advocate for school reform
Actor, ProducerMore that a contender
TV ProducerThe First Lady of Masterpiece
Heir ApparentThe man who will lead China
Research advocateFierce foe of a deadly disease
Media mogulBaroness of the blogosphere
PresidentCharting a future with fewer illusions
God of the fieldSoccer's little sorcerer makes magic with his feet
PhilanthropistTeaching his nation to earn, learn and give
Change agentIndia's leading voice for social justice
Special envoyOn a mission to end malaria
ProducerMovie mogul, script doctor, social networker
Speaker of the houseLeading an unruly GOP
ScientistMaking good on the promise of stem cells
JournalistChina's paragon of free press
Prime misisterCan Israel's leader make peace real?
Cairo correspondentAl-Jazeera's reporter gave us front seats at the Egyptian revolution
Tech pioneerThe brain behind China's microblog machine
MobilizerAdvancing Africa one woman at a time
Spiritual leaderCommander of a compassionate army
ArtistForever the queen of cool

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