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What is Winston Smith afraid of?
What is John Steinbeck's middle name?
Who wrote 'Jurassic Park'?
'All children, except one, grow up' begins which famous children's novel?
Minerva, Lily, Petunia and Luna are all female characters from which famous series?
Who invented the printing press?
What are the first three words of The Bible?
Who wrote 'Game of Thrones'?
How many plays did Shakespeare write?
Starbucks gets its name from a character in which famous novel?
What's the first name of Percy Shelley's famous, author wife?
Which famous intellectual married Jean-Paul Sartre?
Which famous children's novel is set in both India and Yorkshire?
Where was Shakespeare born?
'Jane Eyre', 'Dracula' and 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' were all published in which century?
Mary Anne Evans is the real name of which author?
Who wrote the sonnet about immigrants which is on the Statue of Liberty?
Anne of Green Gables, David Copperfield and Silas Marner are all examples of e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ novels.
Who invented the words 'eyeball', 'generous' and 'hint'?
Caliban, Prospero and Miranda are all characters in which play?

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