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What is the capital of Bulgaria?
What was the name of the volcano that erupted in Pompeii?
Who created the fictional character Sherlock Holmes?
What does 'BBC' stand for?
Who was Henry VIII's third wife?
What did Narcissus spend too long looking at?
Who got paid 40 pieces of silver for his betrayal?
_____ liquid, tooth ______, _______ tale
Lipizzan, Arab and Shire are all types of...?
Who wrote 'Northanger Abbey'?
Which app on the iPhone is white with a heart on it?
What's H20 the symbol of?
Frog, prana and bolster are all terms to do with what type of physical exercise?
'We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them...?'
Which country invented gunpowder?
What nationality is Shania Twain?

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