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QUIZ: Can you name the Meteorology 2011 Stacy Orlowski Ch. 4 & 5?

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When there is a general downward airflow?
Clouds that consist of globular individual cloud masses?
When the temperature in a layer of air actually increases with altitude?
Visible aggregate of minute droplets of water, or tiny crystals of ice, or a mixture of both?
Clouds that are in sheets or layers and cover much of or all of the sky?
Air that resists verticle movement?
When the environmental lapse rate is greater than the dry adiabatic rate?
When moist air has an environmental lapse rate between the dry and wet adiabatic rates?
Air that does not resist verticle displacement?
Condensation nuclei having a high afinity for water?
Particles that are not efficient condensation nuclei?
When the environment lapse rate is less than the wet adiabatic rate?
Clouds that are high, white, and thin?
Microscopic particles that serve as surfaces on which water vapor condenses?
The measure of the air temperature at various heights?

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