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AWhat is the name of Joey's Cabbage Patch Kid?
BWe discover this was Monica's nickname as a field hocky goal keeper.
CWhat is the name of the dog Phoebe secretly hides in Monica and Chandler's apartment in the episode where Chandler doesn't like dogs?
DWhen Joey gets the lead in Mac and Cheese, he attempts to have his headshot put back onto the wall of a...
EThe name Rachel's sister Amy keeps mistaking Emma for.
FWhen Rachel accidently adds a layer of meat to a desert trifle, what does Ross secretly say it tastes like?
GIn the episode with all the resolutions, what does Rachel attempt to refrain from doing?
HWhen flying to London, which guest star (actor's name) does Rachel sit next to?
IWhat is the occupation of Phoebe's unexpected husband who appears in season 2?
JThe name of one of Rachel's sisters played by Reese Witherspoon.
KWhen Nora Bing is on the Jay Leno show, she reveals she gets a craving for this food after being intimate.
LWhen Phoebe is reading Monica's tea leaves, what image does she see?
MWhen Ross is selling cookies as an honorary scout, which specific type does Monica start craving?
NWhat is the name of the guy Kathy cheats on Chandler with?
OIn season 4, when Monica is having trouble with her staff at the restaurant, Chandler refers to this director who hired someone just to fire them.
PWhen Phoebe says she would prefer to date Rachel, what offensive characteristic does she attribute to Rachel as the reason why?
QThe part of New York Joey is from.
RWhat is the name of Joey's chair that Rachel breaks in Season 7?
SWhat band does Chandler say he wants for his wedding to Monica?
TWhat large chocolate candy bar does Emily have with her on two occassions?
U Monica's boyfriend Pete feels the need to conquer the physical world and become the ...
VWhat medical problem does Joey inadvertently become the poster boy for?
WThe name of the guy who built the robot Cheese on Joey's failed TV show, Mac and Cheese.
XWhere does the Chloe, the hot girl with the belly button ring, work?
YTo get away from Janice, Chandler tells her is work has relocated him to this country.
ZThe last name of Rachel's male boss at Ralph Lauren.

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