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How many seasons are there?
What is hydes real name?
How many of them are in the main gang?
Who has a sister called Laurie?
What is Donna's radio name?
Who is the youngest?
Whose biggest insult is 'dumass'?
Out of the main gang, whose basement do they hang out in?
What's Donnas hair colour in the first season?
Who ran over Donna's cat?
Who teaches Hyde to dance in season 1?
Who is the last to be seen in the final episode?
Name Jackies boyfriends in order.
Who does Don Stark play?
What holiday was Jackies middle name revealed?
Where does Donna and Kelso go at the end of season 4?
What's the name of Kelsos daughter?
Out of Hyde and Kelso, who did Jackie choose?
What were they originally going to call the show?
How many times has the whole gang (as a collective and was shown in an episode) fallen off the water tower?
What was Eric's gay friend called?
Why did Red have a heart attack?
Which episode was the 100th? (I'll allow season)
What football jumper did Eric wear in the episode 'Street Fighting man'?
In the episode which features the president at the time, what part of the American flag was Midge wearing?
Who lied about their age to play a role in the show
Whose names were the last to appear on the water tower

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