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Registar who died after being impailed on a scaffolding pole
The tall sweed who is feared by all of the staff
Nurse on AAU is son's name is Daniel
Othopedic surgeon who comes out of the closet
AAU Doctor who is stabbed outside of the hospital
Daughter of Ric Griffin
Ex of Ric Griffin who leaves with Abra
Had a child called Paris with Jess Griffin
Nurse that was stabbed and left to die in one of the operating theaters
Cardiothorasic registrar that had feelings for Sharia
Cardiothorasic surgeon, whoes daughters name is Grace
His father and mother had a foundation, which supported the hospital
Henrik's dark secret
Nurse who has an adopted daughter called Mia
Cardiothorasic surgeon who seperated conjoined twins without the full concent of the parents
The ice queen of cardiothorasic surgery
General surgeon who had a gambling addiction
Cardiothorasic surgeon whoes wife had MS
Was married to Chrissie Williams
Had a child with Chrissie Williams

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