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Can you name the USA 2010 midterm trivia questions?

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The Candidates
Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell ran an ad telling voters she was not a... 
Democratic Senate-seeker in Connecticut Richard Blumenthal lied about his service in this war 
The Republican candidate for Kentucky's senate seat is the son of this 2008 presidential longshot 
This Florida Senate candidate is running as an independent after losing the GOP primary 
Democrat Alvin Greene won the Senate nomination in this state without any campaign and despite facing obscenity charges 
California Dem gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown has this spacey nickname 
This Republican candidate threatened to 'take out' opponent Harry Reid  
Constitution Party candidate for Colorado governor Tom Tancredo said President Obama poses a bigger threat than this terrorist group 
The son of this segregationist was beaten by African-American Tim Scott in a Republican primary 
Democratic West Virginia Senate candidate Joe Manchin's ads show him doing this to a cap and trade bill  
The Campaign
The loosely-organized conservative/libertarian movement with several candidates is known as this 
Name one of the rallies held by Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert inspired by the above movement 
California's Proposition 19 would legalize this 
According to a Gallup poll, this was voters' top concern in October 
This Supreme Court decision allowed corporations more freedom to pay for ads 
The abbreviation 'RINO' stands for this 
This term refers to formally planned campaigns passed off as spontaneous 'grass roots' action 
This term refers to negative campaigning by phone that's disguised as conducting a survey  
The most costly race for governor in US history is in this state 
People who aren't on the ballot (like Alaska's Lisa Murkowksi) run as this kind of candidate 
The Election
The 2010 US midterm elections are scheduled to be held on this date, the earliest allowed by law 
This is the latest possible date for Election Day 
Name one of the five states with Democratic senators listed by 538 as most likely to go red 
Name any of the states without a Senate seat up for grabs in 2010 
Name any of the states without a governorship up for grabs in 2010 
This office is responsible for overseeing state elections 
This is the number of seats needed for a majority in the House of Representatives 
This is the number of seats needed for a majority in the Senate 
The National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which made voter registration more accessible, is also known by this rhyming name 
For the first time, the November election will be held before the end of this sporting event 
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