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Do not confuse with 'elude.' You ___ to a book; you elude a pursuer.
Easily confused with 'illusion'. The first means 'an indirect reference'; the second means 'an unreal image' or 'a false impression'
Means 'am (is, are) able.' Not to be used as a substitute for 'may.'
Literally, 'embrace': A zoo ___s mammals, reptiles, and bird (because it 'embraces,' or 'includes,' them). But animals do not ____ a zoo - they constitute a zoo.
As a transitive verb, the word is vague and self-important. Do not ____ people; get in touch with them, look them up, phone them, find them, or meet them.
Means 'impartial.' Do not confuse it with 'uninterested,' which means 'not interested in.'
As a noun, means 'result'; as a verb, means 'to bring about,' 'to accomplish' (not to be confused with 'affect,' which means 'to influence.'
Use only in the sense of 'monstrous wickedness.' Misleading, if not wrong, when used to express bigness.
An annoying verb growing out of the noun 'enthusiasm.' Not recommended.
Limited to what happens by chance. Not to be used for 'fortunate' or 'lucky.'
Means 'unearned,' or 'unwarranted.' E.g. 'The insults seemed ____.'
This once-useful adverb meaning 'with hope' has been distorted and is now widely used to mean 'I hope' or 'it is to be hoped.' Such use it not merely wrong, it is silly...
The word is a suspicious overstatement for 'perceptive.' If it is to be used at all, it should be used for instances of remarkably penetrating vision.
Should be 'regardless.' The error results from failure to see the negative in '-less' and from a desire to get it in as a prefix.
Should not be misused for 'fewer.' ____ refers to quantity, 'fewer' to numbers.
Often incorrectly used in support of exaggeration or violent metaphor. E.g. '____ly dead with fatigue' should be 'almost dead with fatigue.'
Means 'sickening to contemplate,' not 'sick at the stomach.' Do not, therefore, say, 'I feel ____' unless you are sure you have that effect on others.
A shaggy, all-purpose word, to be used sparingly in formal composition. 'I had a ____ time.' 'It was ___ weather.' ____ is most useful in the sense of 'precise' or 'delicate.'
Has two meanings: 'in a short while' and 'currently.' Because of this ambiguity it is best restricted to the first meaning.
Means 'without like or equal.' Hence, there can be no degree of ____ness.

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