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Can you name the LOST Character Connection Chain

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The first character shown on the show
Whose father is
Whose daughter is
Who was in a relashionship with
Who died in a Dharma Station with this person
Whose wife was
Whose father was
Who was in a relationship with
Whose son is
Who was outsmarted by tricking the survivors with morse code by
Whose wife is
Who took inventory in the Swan station with
Who was in the same mental institute as
Who was shot in the stomach after
Whose son is
Who was kidnapped off of the raft by
Whose 'boss' is
Who kidnapped a baby from
Who met this Oceanic survivor in 1988
Who is married to
Who recieved an ultrasound from
Who lived with this person in DharmaVille
Who found this person after Claire went missing
Who was raised by this member of the Oceanic Six
Who was shot after this character died to save them
Who was in a relationship with
Whose brother was
Who died falling from a plane with this characters brother in it
Who was found dead by
Whose body was taken over by
Whose brother is
Quick insert the numbers to finish!
Now type 'execute'

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