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Bread made from coarse wheat flour
Wild (but very small) animal considered a delicacy
The pig was more important than the sheep and bull at this religious ceremony
Uninvited dinner guests!
Drink made from fermenting water and honey together
First emperor who distributed daily bread to the poor
Wrote 'Banquet of Trimalchio'
Early supper observed on farms, later used to describe general refreshments
3 main parts of a mill, in alphabetical order
Material used to make dishes in the time of Augustus
3 meals eaten in early Rome, in chronological order
Men who ground grain
Ewes' milk was more digestible and less palatable than ___'s milk
Type of turbot known to the Romans
Parts of the cow given to the priest at special occasions during the Republic (alphabetical order)
The name 'Caepio' comes from the word ____, meaning _____
Wrote 'Essay on Old Age'
Brought cherries to Rome from Cerasus in Pontus
Nut introduced to Rome
Important spice import from the Orient

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